2019-20 Premier League Title Odds: Manchester City Favorites to Threepeat (UPDATE)

Posted By High Press 10 on August 4, 2019

UPDATED August 4th after FA Community Shield

2019-20 Premier League title odds have gone through some changes after the summer transfer season on FanDuel Sportsbook NJ and DraftKings Sportsbook.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that oddsmakers clearly view this as a two-team race. The Premier League trophy holder will be between FFP violating Manchester City and Champions League winners Liverpool.

Like with 2019-20 La Liga title odds, there’s a distant third (Tottenham in this case), then everybody else.

2019-20 Premier League Title Odds

There’s some different pricing on FanDuel Sportsbook NJ and DraftKings Sportsbook. For this post, we’ll stick with title odds. We’ll list Top 4, Top 6, and relegation odds later this week.

FanDuel Premier League Title Odds

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Typically we offer “value play” advice but the reality is City or Liverpool will win the Premier League this year. If you’re not picking one of the two, you’re not following closely enough.

City has only become heavier favorites since May. They’ve moved from -170 to -230. Liverpool go slightly longer, from +240 to +260. Despite unprecedented spending, Tottenham fell from +1400 to +1900.

The gap from the top 3 and everyone else widens significantly from there. Manchester United soar from +2000 to +3800. Chelsea double from +2000 to +4000. Arsenal go longer from +2900 to +4900.

Even those 7-10 teams who all improved this summer got longer. Wolves go from +9000 to +17000. They’re joined at +17000 by Leceister City and Everton.

Manchester City -230Liverpool +260Spurs +1900Manchester United +3800 Chelsea +4000
Arsenal +4900Wolves +17000Leicester +17000Everton +17000Watford +25000
West Ham +25000Bournemouth +25000Newcastle +25000Sheffield +25000Norwich +25000
Burnley +25000Brighton +25000Crystal Palace +25000Southampton +25000Aston Villa +25000

DraftKings Premier League Title Odds

At DraftKings Sportsbook it’s a similar story. City and Liverpool slightly improve. Everyone else falls. United drop from +1000 to +3300 (a sign the public wasn’t backing them at all). Arsenal double in length here too, from +2500 to +5000. Everton actually improved from +25000 to +15000. Aston Villa’s summer spending got some respect too, as they move from +250000 to +100000.

City -200Liverpool +275Spurs +1800 Manchester United +3300Chelsea +3300
Arsenal +5000Wolves +15000 Everton +15000Leicester +25000 West Ham +50000
Watford +100000 Crystal Palace +100000 Southampton
Bournemouth +100000 Aston Villa +100000
Burnley +150000 Brighton
Sheffield +2000000

Norwich +200000

As always, read this betting on soccer or Premier League betting refresher for how this all works.

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