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January 29, 2019

Miguel Almiron of Atlanta United Transfers to Newscastle for £20m: Is the MLS a Selling League Now?

High Press 10 January 29, 2019

Miguel Almiron of Atlanta United has been sold to the Premier League’s Newcastle United for around £20m ($26M+ USD). This is a club record deal for Newcastle.

Newcastle has been mired towards the relegation zone of the Premier League table for the second straight year. Almiron, a speedy midfielder, helped Atlanta win the MLS Cup with 13 goals and 11 assists in 37 games last year. He could give Newcastle a sorely needed boost as they make a spring push to stay out of the Championship League.

While Almiron was the Five Stripes best player last season, this is a great deal for them and the MLS. It’ll hurt to see Almiron go, but the writing was on the wall when Atlanta acquired Pity Martinez from River Plate last week.

Is MLS Now a Selling League?

Altanta United has absolutely broken all templates for soccer in America. They sell out a 70,000+ seat stadium. Their fans actually really truly genuinely care. They spend money on players. They’ve built a culture. Their Brad Guzan chant is genuinely world-class.

And now, they’ve developed a system of selling players that could have long-lasting benefits for the club.

First, the MLS can become a viable pipeline for Latin American players (Almiron is from Paraguay) to springboard to Europe. The model can work.

Second, the money generated from the transfer should help Atlanta United: 1) re-invest in depth and quality (as they’ve already done with Pity Martinez), and 2) build up their Development Academy and mine more players for both club and transfers.

It’s the latter that can really make an impact.

The youth club “pay-to-play” model in America is fundamentally broken. Having the financial means and system to identify, cultivate, develop, and eventually promote or sell young talent can, to paraphrase Daenerys Targaryen, break the wheel. It’s how they do it in Europe, and it works.

Exhibit A: USMNT World Cup qualifying run

Whether this is how ATL decides to use the money remains to be seen, but they’ve proven to get a lot more right than wrong in their early existence.

Does Almiron Fit with Newcastle?

This remains to be seen.

Almiron isn’t exactly a physical beast, and the Premier League is demanding.

Stylistically though, he should fit with Newcastle manager Rafa Benítez’s counter-attacking style well.

If you care about American soccer, and it’s potential, this is a great day. Let’s hope Atlanta (continues) to get it right and invest their record bounty properly.



Neymar Injured and Possibly Out for Rest of Season: What Does This Do to PSG’s Champions League Odds? (Updated)

High Press 10 January 29, 2019

(Updated 01/30/19)

It’s happened again.

For the second straight season, Neymar has reportedly fractured his fifth metatarsal in his right foot. On Wednesday, January 30th, it was reported he’ll be out for 10 weeks and miss the Champions League Round of 16 match-up against Manchester United.

How’d It Happen?

Neymar  left last week’s Coupe de France Round of 32 win over Strasbourg in tears. He’s been subject to more physical play from defenders. His reaction to this physicality was a source of ridicule over the summer during the World Cup, and some believe his showboating style causes him to be a target.

What Does This Mean for PSG?

For domestic league play, Paris Saint-Germain has nothing to worry about. They play in Ligue Un. They could lose 75% of their squad and still coast to a title.

For PSG (or more specifically, their ownership and fans), it’s all about the Champions League.

Before the injury, PSG’s was tied with Liverpool at +750 with the fourth best Champions League odds.

While their futures haven’t shifted yet, they have seen a change in their Champions League Round of 16 odds against Manchester United. For Leg 1, Manchester United was +160 at Old Trafford to PSG’s +160. After news broke that Neymar would for sure miss that fixture, United has moved to +150 and PSG to +170. A small shift…for now.

If you like United at home, grab the +150. The odds will continue to move if the Red Devils recent form continues and PSG clearly miss their talented Brazilian playmaker. United’s backline issues become less of a concern without Neymar’s creativity and skill on the pitch to break them down.


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