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September 29, 2019

This Álex Collado Goal for Barcelona B Is Sick (VIDEO)

High Press 10 September 29, 2019

We pride ourselves at High Press Soccer on getting in early on young talent and teams on the rise.

We haven’t seen enough from Álex Collado to know if he’s got top team staying power, but if you can score a goal like this, you’ve got a chance. Here’s a stunner Collado scored for Barcelona B.

Who is Álex Collado?

Alex Collado is a 20 year-old attacking mid and forward for Barcelona B. The Spaniard has one senior team appearance for Barcelona.

Liverpool Are Perfect This Season and Have Won 16 In-A-Row and Are STILL NOT Title Favorites and Some Top 4 Finish Values

High Press 10 September 29, 2019

Liverpool, champions of Europe, gutted out a 1-0 victory away at Sheffield United on Saturday. The win kept Liverpool perfect for the season at 7-0-0. Going back to last season, they’ve won 16 domestic games in a row. That’s the third longest Premier League streak ever.

They’re also the fifth best team of all-time according to ClubElo (and approaching fourth). After 7 games, they’re 5 points clear of FFP and human / women’s rights violating Manchester City.

And they’re still not favorites to win the 2019-20 Premier League title.

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Updated 2019-20 Premier League Title Odds

Yes, there are 20 teams currently in England’s top flight. However, when it comes to title odds, there are really only two.

Manchester City -125 Liverpool +115

The next closest batch of competitors (Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea) are at +10000. None of the other four major domestic leagues (we don’t count Ligue Ugh) have such a top heavy titles future market.

Premier League Top Four Odds

There’s at least a little intrigue here. While Liverpool and City’s odds for at top 4 are off the board now, the next batch of teams is closely bunched.

TeamTop 4
Tottenham -150
Chelsea +130
Manchester United+225
West Ham+2500

If you’re looking for value, Manchester United have been unlucky this season and have the metrics of a top 4 squad. That +225 is appealing. Leicester have been the third best team in the EPL since the start of 2019. Their +300 is decently priced.

Where to Bet Premier League in the US

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For New Jersey, we recommend DraftKings Sportsbook NJ or FanDuel Sportsbook

5 Times Soccer Stars Embarrassed Themselves With Off-The-Field Antics

Avatar September 29, 2019
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They might be heroes on the pitch, but the majority of soccer stars remain the average joe on the inside, just with plenty of riches to live a lavish life. Beyond scoring or assisting goals and winning matches for their team, the top superstars are just as human as anybody else.

Due to being human on the inside, most are susceptible to making some silly, embarrassing life choices they probably regret later on. In the expense of trying to act tough or show off, some have ended up making poor mistakes in their personal lives.

Be it getting arrested, being caught in a humiliating social media post or worse, some have endured harrowing personal moments in the past. Derby County’s Richard Keough recently injured him for the rest of the season after being involved in a bad accident following drinking too heavily on a team night out. So keeping in line with this development, here we’ll look at 5 more times Soccer Stars Embarrassed Themselves with Off-The-Field Antics

5. Ashley Cole accidentally shoots a student

There’s a reason Ashley Cole’s regarded the most decorated full-back in Premier League history. When you look at his list of accolades-which includes 3 Premier League title, 4 FA Cups along with One UEFA Champions League medal- it’s evident why he’s hailed so much. Cole got in a few scuffles throughout his career, but probably the most embarrassing moment arrived in 2011.

The former England International accidentally shot a 21-year-old sports science student Tom Cowan while attempting to try out a .22 air carbine rifle at Chelsea’s Cobham Training Ground. Apparently he didn’t know it was loaded,  shooting straight at the 21-year-old, who stood only five feet away! As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he had to apologize to Cowan(who was thankfully fine) later on, while also receiving a real dressing down for his buffoonery. That ought to teach him not to fool around with weapons.

4. Jose Mourinho gets arrested for not vaccinating his pet dog

So many players tend to get arrested for reckless driving or driving in an intoxicated state, but how many managers can boast the same? Of course, being the leader for their side and representation of a “high morale”, managers tend to keep their private lives discreet. Well, not the Special One. Indeed, Jose Mourinho got himself arrested in 2007, when managing Chelsea in his first term. The reason for it will probably be the weirdest you’ve ever heard. The Portuguese was detained for arguing with police after they had arrived at his doorstep to quarantine his dog.

Jose had taken his Yorkshire Terrier aboard in a trip and back into Britain without having it properly vaccinated. Hence, the police, as well as an animal health official, went to quarantine his pet but he started resisting & arguing with the officials. He was timely arrested for going too far, but later released for it all being a big misunderstanding. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away the everlasting shame for the Portuguese.

Special recognition to Mourinho for falling on the ice while dropping the puck as well, pictured above.

3. Wayne Rooney gets knocked out in punching spar

Wayne Rooney is known for being a hot-head often seen arguing vehemently with officials, but behind that passionate cloak, he’s also a bit of silly slop. A brilliant striker throughout his career, Rooney’s been part of some embarrassing scandals in the past. One which stood out as especially stupid was when he got knocked out in his own home during a boxing spar.

So in a “friendly bout” with former Stoke City man Phil Bardsley, Rooney was caught on tape trying to act tough in a spar before being clocked down with a wicked strike. He fell right down, with his embarrassment becoming a viral sensation overnight. Bardsley later reiterated that he was only play-acting, but we don’t really but that. Oh well, at least he later provided the famous FIFA “boxing” celebration with an inspired goal against Spurs later on.

2. Mario Balotelli sets house on fire after shooting fireworks from bathroom window

So Mario Balotelli is known to be quite the eccentric character. From acting a temperamental character with crazy celebrations in the field, he’s even more insane outside it. Balotelli created a meme-quality celebration in Manchester City’s memorable 6-1 drubbing of Manchester United in 2011, lifting his shirt to show a “Why Always Me?” message underneath. Well, the reason for that is as hilarious as it’s shameful. A few days before the derby, the Italian shooting fireworks from his bathroom window is a very NORMAL THING to do.

Well, it turns out it really wasn’t as one botch led to a huge fire in his house. He managed to escape unscathed, but a scary substantial fire was created. City were left having to explain themselves to Fire officials for why their striker would try such an insane thing. At least he made up by sparking the drubbing of United days later, but this embarrassing act proves the reckless child he is on the inside.

1. Glen Johnson gets busted trying to steal bathroom furnishing

In all the ways soccer stars can get arrested, Glen Johnson’s version of being tapped for trying to steal bathroom seats sits right up there with the weirdest. The former England international played for both Chelsea & Liverpool in the Premier League, boasting a pretty good career overall. However, in 2007, he was arrested for attempting an unthinkable crime for a well-paid soccer star in a departmental store.

Johnson, along with fellow player Ben May, were both held for trying to sneak away toilet seats as well as some tap fittings from a store. They tried hiding it inside their garments but were caught & fined over $100 for the attempted theft. For someone earning in thousands, stealing such a meagre requirement is just bizarre. Nonetheless, this embarrassing ordeal left a stain on Johnson’s reputation which won’t fade away anytime soon

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