Bet on Soccer in the US

Live soccer odds for EPL, MLS and more


Soccer betting is expanding exponentially at legal US online sportsbooks on all of the big leagues and competitions overseas—the EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Champions League, etc. The burgeoning MLS is also drawing a lot more action.

The mix of leagues and nationalities is one of the best things about betting on soccer. There’s literally a league or match going on somewhere in the world, around the clock. That means a lot to sift through, sure, but we’ve got you covered with this full guide to soccer betting in the US.

You’ll find the top US online sportsbooks you can bet at plus live odds from seven international leagues direct from the sportsbooks. For those new to soccer betting, we’ve also got in-depth walk-throughs of all the unique soccer betting formats plus tips for beginners.

Live Soccer Odds at US Online Sportsbooks

The Premier League and MLS are the two most popular leagues for soccer betting here in the US. The EPL, because it’s arguably the best soccer league in the world, and MLS because 24 of its 27 teams are based in the US (the other 3 are in Canada).

Below you can find live soccer odds at US online sportsbooks for both leagues plus live Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Liga MX odds. Use the drop-down menus on the left to switch between leagues and moneyline odds, spreads and totals; use the drop-down menu on the right to change your legal betting state. Click through on any odds to go directly to the online sportsbook, claim your bonus and start getting your soccer bets down.

Bet on Premier League in US

The English Premier League season runs traditionally from August through May in the UK and is widely considered one of the greatest soccer leagues on the planet.

The EPL features the top 20 teams English soccer clubs that compete for standing on a traditional table. Each team plays one another at home and away, for a total of 38 games per team over a season.

When it’s all said and done, the team with the most points, earned through wins (3 points) and draws (1 point), is the EPL Champion. The bottom three teams in the table are relegated to the EFL Championship league below the Premier League and replaced by three clubs promoted from the EFL Championship level for the next season.

EPL teams also compete for the FA Cup in a separate knockout-style tournament held throughout the season. Get a more in-depth look at EPL betting our How to Bet on the Premier League page.

Bet on Champions League in US

The UEFA Champions League is Europe’s premier club team soccer tournament contested by the top performing club teams from the different national leagues around Europe, including the EPL. It features both group and knockout stages beginning traditionally in late June with a preliminary round, three qualifying rounds, and a playoff round.

Each match is played over two legs. A total of 32 teams are drawn into eight groups of four in the double round-robin group stage. The eight group winners and runners-up move on to the knockout phase leading to the final in late May or early June.

Click this link for a look at our How to Bet on Champions League page.

How do EPL and Champions League odds here compare to UK sportsbooks?

The lines on most EPL and Champions League matches will start out the same at sportsbooks everywhere, from High Street bookmakers in the UK to online sportsbooks in the US. They may look different, because US sportsbooks use American odds, not Fraction or Decimal odds, but they are indeed the same. However, those lines can change prior to the start of a match, which might make them quite different at different sportsbooks.

Lines are set in an effort to draw an equal amount of betting to each side. Sportsbooks, no matter where they are, can then realize the vig and earn a small profit that isn’t dependent on the outcome of the match. If there’s heavy betting on one side at a particular sports betting operator, that book will move its line to try to attract betting to the other side and get back to even. Other sportsbooks won’t move the line in the same way, unless they see the same betting patterns, which is why lines for the same match might end up looking different at different sportsbooks.

Local interest often drives​ betting,​ and since there’s more of it for EPL and Champions League matches across the pond, there’s a bigger chance EPL and Champions League match lines will move there than there is here in the US.

Bet on Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga

European soccer begins with the EPL and Champions League, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Here’s a look at some of the other top-flight European soccer leagues you can bet on right here in the US:

  • La Liga: Spanish soccer runs from August through May with popular teams including Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Serie A: Italian soccer runs from August through May with popular teams including Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.
  • Bundesliga: German soccer runs from August through May with popular teams including Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
  • Ligue 1: French soccer runs from August through May with popular teams including Paris Saint-Germain.

Bet on World Cup & Euros

You can also bet on major International soccer competitions at US online sportsbooks This include:

Euro 2021 odds: Will take place in 12 European countries from June 11, 2021 to July 11, 2021.

2021 Tokyo Olympics: Will take place at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan from July 21, 2021 through Aug. 7, 2021. Featuring 16 men’s and 12 women’s teams. The USMNT failed to qualify, but the USWNT is the favorite.

2022 FIFA World Cup: Planned for November to December 2022 in Qatar. Qualifying continues. The last time the USMNT qualified for the World Cup was 2014. Learn more on our 2022 World Cup Betting page.

Bet on MLS in US

Major League Soccer (MLS) is North America’s top-flight pro soccer league and 24 of its 27 teams are based here in the US. The other three are in Canada.

Each team traditionally plays a 34-game regular season schedule from Late-February/Early-March through Mid-October. The team with the best record wins the Supporters’ Shield. The top 14 teams, seven each from the league’s Eastern Conference and Western Conference, advance to the MLS Cup Playoffs. The MLS Cup Playoffs run from Late-October and Early-November with teams battling it out in a single-elimination tournament for the MLS Cup.

See more on our Bet on MLS page.

How to read soccer betting lines

Basic soccer moneyline betting is three-way or 1X2 betting, where you can bet on one of three outcomes:

  • Home win
  • Away win, or
  • A draw

There’s also spread and totals bets that are much like you find in other sports. Plus, more advanced betting options that include:

  • Double Chance: Bet on two of the three moneyline outcomes at reduced odds.
  • Cards: Bet on the number of red and yellow cards.Corners: Bet on the number of corners.
  • Live Betting: Basic betting at odds that change during the game based on the time and score.
  • GG OR NG: Bet on both teams scoring (GG) or one or both getting shut out (NG).

Soccer Betting Explained

Let’s dive a little deep with an example from an FA Cup fixture – Chelsea vs Sheffield Wed. The lines set at FanDuel Sportsbook NJ, for example, looked as follows (important note: the team listed first or top is the home team):


-460 +500 +950

Sheff Wed

Again, this is a Moneyline Bet, or a straight bet. Moneyline is the most straight-forward wager. It simply means that you’re simply picking a team to win. There’s no spread involved. The downside is that you typically need to wager a fair amount more to win said bet if you’re betting the favorite.

We’re going to use a $100 bet in the example for easy math, but any amount works into the equation once you understand how the lines work. In the above example, you have to bet $460 on Chelsea to win $100. On the other hand, if you’re betting the underdog a $100 bet will net you $500 in winnings on a draw, and $950 on a Sheffield Wed win! Chelsea is obviously the overwhelming favorite in this example and it shows in the line.

A second common type bet is a Point Spread Bet. A spread bet simply put is “a forecast of the number of points by which a stronger team is expected to defeat a weaker one.” It takes much less of a bet to win in this type of bet, as the odds of getting it correct are much lower. Soccer is not a historically high scoring game, so you see smaller spreads more often than not. The spread on this game looks like this:

Chelsea -2 | Handicap Draw -2 | Sheff Wed +2

+165 +280 +125

This means that the favored team, Chelsea, must win by more than the outlined number of goals (in this case 2). So if Chelsea win by 3 or more goals, all bets on Chelsea -2 are winners at +165 (bet $100, win $165). If Chelsea win by exactly 2 goals, bets on the draw at -2 win at +280, and if Chelsea win by 1 goal, draw, or lose, all bets on Sheffield Wed +2 win at +125. The greater the negative number, the greater the favorite.

The last type of betting we’ll address here is Total Goals Betting, an over/under type bet. Put quite simply its how many times the ball finds the back of the net, regardless of the team. For this game the bets are shown below:

0-1 | Exactly 2 or 3 | 4 or more

+500 +280 +110

Its relatively straightforward here. A $100 bet will net you a win of $500, $105, or $110 respectively. Your job is to determine what the end score will be within the parameters shown. FanDuel is betting that someone (Chelsea) will score more than once, and looking at all 3 betting lines you can see how Chelsea being favored (moneyline), by more than 2 goals (point spread), fits into each lines numbers respectively.

There are many, MANY other lines to bet on. Over/Under, doubles, props (on just about anything), pushes, parlays, and more. Understanding the basics above will help you to look at any of those betting lines and have a good basic understanding of how they work and what the odds can do for, or against, you.

Where to Bet on Soccer in the US

If you want to bet on soccer legally in the US, you need to be in a US state where sports betting is legal. These include:

  • Arkansas (Retail Only)
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi (On-Property Only)
  • Missouri
  • Montana (On-Property Only)
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico (Tribal Retail Only)
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota (Tribal Retail Only)
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington (Retail Only)
  • Washington DC
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Use the drop-down menu on the right in the odds feed above to see which sportsbooks are live and legal in your state.

How to Find Soccer Bets in your Sportsbook Menu

If you can click buttons or tap tabs, you can find the soccer betting markets on any online sportsbook or sportsbook app in the US. Just look for the “Soccer” tab or button on the main sportsbook lobby or in the app. Most leagues and competitions will have their own tabs or buttons listed under there featuring all the game lines.

Some sportsbooks even have MLS, EPL, or Champions League tabs on the home page if you’re after a more direct route to certain lines. Plus, there will almost certainly be a ‘Live’ tab or button offering access to all the live soccer betting markets currently available.

Essential Soccer Betting Tips

Learning how to bet on soccer is easy. Picking winners consistently is the hard part. The thing is, there’s no substitute for good research. Learn everything you can about the game, teams, and players, then try these three tips:

Do the work: Don’t bet randomly or guess. Research the soccer games you want to bet on before you place a bet and make educated guesses and informed picks. Research can lead to success, but you have to do the work.

Find a grind: Don’t bet on everything. Focus your research on one league, or even one team, and bet on it exclusively. There’s simply too much soccer around the world for you to become an expert on all of it. But you can become an expert on one league or one team and experts make educated guesses and informed picks that win more often than not.

Shop: Look around for the best price on a bet. Different online sportsbooks in your state might have it differently. Or they may have moved the line because of betting. Finding better odds on a bet might not help you win it, but it will increase your profits when you do.

Why bet on soccer over other sports?

There’s a ton of soccer played around the world, which means more betting opportunities than most other sports. Many of these soccer betting markets are running when traditional North American sports betting markets are not, which means you can bet on soccer without distractions. Plus, US oddsmakers are experts in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, not the EPL, Champions League, or other European soccer leagues.

That makes sportsbooks more “beatable” on soccer than they likely are on any traditional North American sports. Soccer may not be your first choice when it comes to betting, but it can be the best choice when it comes to winning.

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