Breaking Down The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the End of Liverpool 4, Barcelona 3

Written By Chops on May 7, 2020

When you think about it, it’s a short list for the greatest days in history.

The big bang. The birth of [whomever you worship]. The invention of two-ply toilet paper. V-E Day. And Liverpool 4, Barcelona 3.

Those are truly among the Mt. Rushmore of greatest days in universal history.

Very few people would argue against May 7th, 2019 being right there near the top. So to celebrate Corner Taken Quickly Origi Day, let’s break down what was legitimately one of the best celebrations in the history of sport: the spine-tingling rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at Anfield on that majestic European night.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Liverpool 4, Barcelona 3 Breakdown

Enough ink has been spilled about the game itself. Not enough analysis has been written about the gorgeous You’ll Never Walk Alone at the end of the match. Let’s remedy that right now.

The production team for the UEFA Champions League couldn’t have possibly done a better job capturing the emotion of that celebration and song. It almost felt like the end of a Disney sports movie. It’s perfect. Here are the key moments.

00:01 – The video starts exactly where it should: with Jurgen Klopp hugging someone.

00:08 – You hear part-time player but one of the game’s heroes Xherdan Shaqiri screaming as he hugs James Milner. Shaq hadn’t been with the team for a year yet. Due to injury (bad) luck, he wasn’t a regular on the team sheet. But he was integral in the victory that night.

00:12 – This first fan shot is PERFECT. Liverpool are adored by more than just native Scousers. The squad is embraced by — and embraces — everyone.

00:20 – Remember that time Liverpool trailed Barcelona 3 – 0 on aggregate and their leading goal scorer was injured and wearing a “Never Give Up” t-shirt?

00:25 – I actually feel for the Barcelona fans in that shot. I’ve certainly been on the other side of a result like that. I’m not here to rub it in their face at all. I’ll only point out that this shot is the only miscue in the whole production. Could they really not find someone wearing a Barcelona “Coutinho” shirt?


Actually, they probably couldn’t.

00:31 – More perfect fan shots. Whether these hipsters own a micro-brewery or Dollar Shave Club, those are some proper fans right there. Tip of the cap to the retro Candy jersey.

00:38 – There’s Klopp, hugging someone else. But this time, it’s local lad Trent Alexander-Arnold. Growing up just right down the street, the best right-back in the world may understand the importance of this moment more than anyone. And you can see it on his face.

00:44 – The first of the big crowd shots. Only mentioning it because–again–this felt like a movie and it perfectly frames the BIGGER crowd shot that comes later.

00:56 – Now comes the pan shot of the squad in front of the Kop.

01:03 – How did the guy with the glasses get to be on the field with them, right between Big Div and Curtis Jones??? Seriously, kudos to Waldo there.

01:08 – The MVP of this You’ll Never Walk Alone rendition might just be Dejan Lovren. Say what you will about his defending at times (and he is under-rated at this point), but Lovren LOVES Liverpool.

01:15 – Of the newer players, Fabinho got really into this as well. Good pipes, Fab!

01:17 – The obligatory Kenny Dalglish shot. He almost looks like he doesn’t believe any of this.

01:20 – Gasp.

01:24 – This guy could’ve been any taxi driver in Brooklyn. Seriously, the best supporters anywhere.

01:27 – GASP!

01:31 – Milner’s been around the block a few times. He gets it.

01:38 – Glasses guy gets another shot. I hope he’s the one in charge of Liverpool’s analytics. If so, get him two more close-ups.

01:50 – Of course, you have to book-end this with Klopp going in for another hug.




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