Carabao Cup Not Moving Liverpool vs Aston Villa Match: What Liverpool Should Do

Posted By Chops on November 5, 2019

Remember when Pep Guardiola was belly-aching over Manchester City’s December schedule, complaining how unfair it was? Liverpool heard his baby-whining and said, “hold my beer.”

After defeating Arsenal in a thrilling Carabao Cup round of 16 match, Liverpool were faced with a massive potential issue. The Carabao Cup quarters were scheduled for December 17-18th. However, as reigning Champions League holders, Liverpool is required to play the FIFA Club World Cup.  In Qatar. On December 18th. Surely, accommodations would be made, right?


Liverpool have two matches scheduled on two separate continents less than 24 hours apart. As big of “mentality monsters” as they are, this maaaay be a step too for the lads.

So now what?

Liverpool will play two different squads. One will play in England. One will play in Qatar.

The club determined this was the most sensible option moving forward.

What should Liverpool do?

What “should” and what “will” Liverpool do are two different things.

Jurgen Klopp has indicated he’d keep the same general squad he’s been using in the Carabao Cup throughout the competition. It’s a good way to keep his younger players motivated. It also gives veterans on the fringes or coming back from injury critical playing time to re-acclimate to the squad.

However, this situation changes that calculus.

Poll Liverpool supporters and my hunch is the vast majority would prioritize a Premier League title over anything else this season. Every decision made should  optimize the potential of achieving that goal. Sending the “A” squad to Qatar when the option to keep them domestically exists does not optimize that goal.

What Liverpool should do: send the primary pieces of the Carabao Cup squad to Qatar for the FIFA Club World Cup. If augmented by the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, James Milner, (maybe?) Naby Keita, and Adam Lallana–that side should compete just fine. Let the core of Liverpool’s preferred XI stay in England, play the Carabao Cup, and save their energy for the remaining grueling schedule they face the following few weeks.

What Liverpool will do: Likely send the A team to Qatar and take the same girl they brought to the dance to the Carabao Cup quarters.

One way or another, this will be a highly debated and second-guessed decision by Klopp and FSG.

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