Colorado Rapids to Play Despite Threat of the Plague in the Areawhatthef*ck the Plague???

High Press 10 August 2, 2019 182 Reads

Sooo…the plague is still a thing, huh?

Apparently it’s alive (?) and well in Colorado!

The Colorado Rapids host the Montreal Impact on Saturday…this despite concerns about plague carrying fleas.

About the plague

The Plague, or the Black Death, devastated Europe and Asia in the middle ages. An estimated 200 million people died from it. The bubonic plague is the most common variation of the affliction.

It was caused by a bacteria — Yersinia pestis — carried in rats though the Silk Road trade route. It’s believed to have killed up to 60% of Europe’s population.

While first tearing through Europe in the 1340’s-50’s, outbreaks sporadically occurred throughout the globe until the 19th century.

The plague in America

Minor outbreaks of the plague have occurred in northern New Mexico, northern Arizona, southern Colorado, California, southern Oregon and western Nevada.

The plague in MLS

So, yeah, this is the only noted time the plague has been an issue around a MLS game.

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