Does the Bundesliga’s early start give Bayern and Leipzig an upper hand in the Champions League?

Posted By Uttiyo Sarkar on May 12, 2020

As European soccer plans to slowly resume competitions, the league inaugurating the revival process is none other than the Bundesliga! Indeed, Germany’s impressive work with curbing the spread of the virus has allowed the league to resume on May 16.

This won’t only be a great boost to the league’s popularity, but for the teams as well. As the Premier League starts planning on a potential June return, with the La Liga & Serie A pondering a similar stance, the Bundesliga sides get an early upper hand over the rest in terms of gaining more match practice.

They’ve nearly completed their “pre-season” process, a term for group training these days, and are ready to unleash their skills. For Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, this early restart is a big boost. Bayern are anyhow big favourites having disposed off Chelsea easily in their Round of 16 first-leg encounter &  having a terrorizing attack spearheaded by the relentless Robert Lewandowski. Leipzig have also displayed enough tenacity & technical skill to be this season’s Ajax.

With the Champions League reported to be back in August, Germany’s early season-end gives their European ambitions a big boost. Here is how the Bundesliga’s early restart can give these two an advantage.

1. Improvement in fitness levels

It’s understandable for players to have lost their fitness having to stay at home all day, but regaining their peak endurance levels will be a tough ask. With games coming at a rapid pace once the season resumes, players could get fatigued or injured much quicker.

However, the Bundesliga players can make good use of their early start into slowly but surely regaining their peak fitness levels before everyone else. Bayern Munich & Leipzig have already done a lot of first-team training, while their Champions League rivals are yet to properly start group exercises or drills.

Leipzig have a very young team who thanks to their age can easily regain their energy levels quickly. Bayern possesses a fully available, stacked squad with enough options to rotate players and save them from injuries. So once European soccer does resume, both teams will have fully-fit players raring to capitalize on their exhausted, sloppy opponents.

2. Readapting to the Post COVID-19 style quicker than others

It’s quite clear that the games won’t be the same even as the competitions restart. With strict rules being implemented to hold games behind-closed-doors, the feel of playing in an empty stadium will be bizarre for players. The Bundesliga is one of the highest-attended leagues in Europe, so for their teams, it’ll be especially tough.

However, at least Bayern & Leipzig can get adapted well to playing in these difficult times better than the rest. Perhaps the chemistry of the players can improve as they can communicate freely without the loud noise from the stands blocking them off. As a result, we might even witness Bayern & Leipzig playing a more exciting, ruthless style than others.

Indeed, they should be well adapted to this new format much earlier than the others & work on using that to an advantage. The two sides already play a very attractive style, but now they can perhaps torment teams even more as the players’ understanding with each other keeps improving.

3. A significant ‘cooling period’ before UCL restart

With UEFA reportedly planning on restarting the Champions League in August, those leagues which kick off in June itself will be in a race against time to finish off all competitions. As a result, every CL participant from those will get absolutely exhausted at the end of their league campaigns, before having to find the energy to play in Europe.

However, for Bayern & Leipzig, the circumstances are much kinder. With Bundesliga scheduled to finish off in late June, they’ll have at least a month to relax and get their wits about. In this time, the players can recover from any small niggles, gain some breathing room & work on aspects of their game that need improvement to succeed in Europe.

Even managers will be able to watch their rivals from other leagues, analyze their shortcomings & shape their teams in a way to trouble the English, Spanish or Italian sides. In the beautiful game, rest is an extremely crucial element to rejuvenate a side’s spirits. Luckily for Bayern & Leipzig, they’ll get enough recovery period to recharge their batteries before bringing their ruthless best in UCL.

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