FA Cup Quarterfinals: Manchester City Marches Towards Quadruple; Manchester United Stumble

Written By High Press 10 on March 17, 2019

The FA Cup saw three of four quarterfinals matches played on Saturday (Millwall plays Brighton on Sunday). Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Manchester City Just Keep Winning. When we wrote last month that Manchester City was favored to win four trophies (The QuadrupleTM), we assumed they’d actually lose one or two of the trophies. Nobody wins all four domestic cups. So yeah, that hasn’t happened. Despite going down 0-2 to Swansea in the first 30 minutes, City did what they oh so annoyingly keep doing: finding ways to comeback and win. This time, City secured victory in the 88th minute from a (who else!) Sergio Aguero goal. On to the semis.
  2. Wolves Dominated Manchester United. Wolverhampton is securing their status as the best non-Big 6 team in the Premier League this season. This isn’t just because they literally sit 7th in the Premier League table. Across all domestic competitions, the Wolves have beaten or tied all of the Big 6. The dominated United today, outshooting the Red Devils 17 (11 on target) to 11 (2 on target). Only a stoppage time goal by Marcus Rashford kept the score respectable. Before United fans start freaking, this is all just regression back to the mean for the squad under OGS. They’ve been both lucky and good since sacking Mourinho. They’re just a little less lucky of late. Watch the highlights at the end of the post.
  3. TURN DOWN FOR WATFORD. In the third match of the day, Watford dispatched Crystal Palace 2-1. Watford is just a point behind Wolves in the Premier League, and both squads could give City a run for their money in the semis or finals of the FA Cup. Or at least hold a lead until the final 10 minutes against City when Aguero or Sterling inevitable strike a stunner to further annoy any non-Sky Blues fan.

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