Good Sign for Bundesliga Restart? Only 10 Positive COVID-19 Tests for Top 2 Divisions

Posted By High Press 10 on May 5, 2020

In what should actually be viewed as a positive for a potential May or June restart, only 10 positive tests out of over 1,700 players and key staff were recorded in Germany’s top two divisions.

Per reports, Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga personnel were administered COVID-19 test. Of the 10 who tested positive, most are believed to be asymptomatic. Three players came from FC Köln. However, the identity of those (or any) positive players / staff is unknown.

When will the Bundesliga restart?

The Bundesliga has been the most aggressive of European domestic leagues in regards to restarting. Originally tabbed for a potential restart this week, it now appears as if games may resume by late May.

The German league has allowed teams to resume small group training under social distancing guidelines for almost a month.

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