High Press Pod Ep 3: Premier League Title Chase and MLS News Extravaganza

High Press 10 April 26, 2019 316 Reads

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The first six minutes site-runner Chops discusses the Premier League title race between Manchester City and Liverpool.

At 7 minutes, contributing writer Harrison Hamm joins to discuss the Luciano Acosta transfer rumors.

Finally at 20:30 contributing writer Peter Nolan joins to cover a host of topics, ranging from MLS expansion to 30 teams, MLS club training compensation, Chris Armas – Thierry Henry coaching rumors, the Kaku suspension and general New York Red Bulls and NYCFC updates.

Audio comes in a little hot the first six minutes and smooths out after that.

Listen to “High Press Pod Episode 3 (04/25/19)” on Spreaker.

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