How to Bet the Premier League

February 21, 2020

Betting on the Premier League

The English Premier League is in full swing with a title race heating up. If you’re looking to bet on the Premier League, here’s what you need to know.

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Recommended: We recommend first exploring FanDuel Sportsbook NJ and DraftKings Sportsbook.

Finding Premier League Odds

Start by checking out a legal NJ sportsbook like FanDuel Sportsbook NJ or DraftKings Sportsbook and navigating down the left side of the page for soccer, and then the top tab for EPL. Listed down the center are all of the upcoming EPL games with the associated moneyline betting lines. Remember those are for straight wins and losses. In the bottom right of each game you’ll see a link “more wagers” which will get you into the rest of the bets associated with that game. For example:

Man City vs Chelsea -185 +310 +500

In the above, Man City is listed first which means they’re at home, Chelsea is listed second so they’re away, and they’re +500 which means they’re expected to lose.

But before placing your bet, explore. If you jump over to bet365 in NJ, you may notice some different pricing. At bet365, just like FanDuel, the sports are down the left hand side so click on soccer there. The next window gives you a slightly different look, but England Premier League is front and center, so navigate there. Scrolling down the list you’d find Man City v Chelsea, click on it, and it looks like this:

Man City vs Chelsea 1.50 4.33 6.00

Why the difference in how the lines are represented?

Deep Breath, it’s not that far off. All they did was move the decimal on you, so you can read it to be 150, 433, and 600 respectively, or take FanDuel’s numbers and make them 1.85, 3.10 and 5.00. Now that you’re set on that sneaky little move, lets weigh our options given the differences.

FanDuel has Chelsea to lose at +500, or 5.00

Bet365 has Chelsea to lose at 6.00 or +600

So a $100 bet FOR Chelsea would net us $500 in winnings at FanDuel and $600 at bet365? Easy choice right?! Not so fast. The devil is in the details as they say.

Go back to your bet at FanDuel and look at the betslip (on the right when you click Chelsea and put in you $100 wager). See how it says $500 “TO WIN”? That doesn’t include the $100 you staked, making your total return on a win $600. Your $500 in winnings plus your $100 back.

On bet365 when you click on Chelsea +6.00 and put your $100 bet into the betslip, you see that “TO RETURN” is $600. Exactly the same as FanDuel.

BE AWARE! If you see odds that are significantly off across sports books, chances are YOU missed something, so go back and double and triple check!

All legal US sportsbooks have valuable FAQs and customer service, so if you have lingering questions, contact them directly.

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