The HPS MLS Podcast Episode 3

Avatar June 6, 2019 245 Reads

New HPS MLS Podcast is up.

This week, Harrison Hamm is joined by Will Conwell of Stumptown Footy, who is on to talk about the Portland Timbers, their home opener, and how they project for the rest of the season.

  • (0:00): What the atmosphere was like at the Timbers’ home opener, and how the additions to Providence Park looked.
  • (5:00): The Timbers’ rocky start and how they’ve stabilized.
  • (11:15): How new DP attacker Bryan Fernandez will continue to be utilized, and how Giovani Savarese may assemble his attack.
  • (19:50): The pros and cons of a 4-4-2 diamond formation.
  • (25:30): Where might the Timbers look in the summer transfer window?
Listen to “The HPS MLS Podcast Episode 03” on Spreaker.
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