Jose Mourinho New Tottenham Hotspur Manager: Who Will He Alienate First?

Posted By Chops on November 20, 2019

Well, that didn’t take long.

It’s official. Jose Mourinho is the new manager at Tottenham Hotspur.

It’s a head-scratcher for Daniel Levy and Spurs. At what point did Daniel Levy look at the mess that was Manchester United exactly one year ago and think to himself, “You know what, we need THAT”?

Yes, Mourinho has won trophies everywhere he’s gone. And yes, each one of his teams have improved to varying degrees upon his arrival. However, his time at Manchester United showed that the game — and his tolerance of players and media — has possibly passed him by. The black cloud negativity he brought publicly often times was straight up bizarre.

A major reason for his constant pessimism was his complaint that United wouldn’t buy players he wanted / needed. Daniel Levy heard his complaints and said, “hold my beer.” A major reason for Spurs’ dysfunction on the field this season is due to their lack of squad freshening and lingering contract issues. It’s something Kieran Trippier eluded to upon leaving the club.

In talking to Spurs fans, there’s a sense of depression that’s settled in. As great as Mauricio Pochettino was for Tottenham, things had gotten stale this season. But the combination of Levy+Mou is an odd and combustible fit. You can already see it in the above Jose announcement photo. He can’t even manage to smile on Day 1.

Knowing all of this: why would Mouriho take this job? The answers are easy: 1) money, and 2) it’s the biggest job he could get.

Jose is reportedly going to make double Poch’s wages. And given how badly things ended for Mou at Man U, there wasn’t going to be another major club calling him. He gets to stay in England where he’s had plenty of success. Spurs are as big of a brand as he could land.

Who is Mourinho going to alienate first?

Ok with that exposition out of the way, let’s get down to the inevitable: what top player on the squad is Mourinho going to alienate first? Here’s a breakdown of who we think and why:

  • Son Heung-min (-500): This seems like a no-brainer. He’s arguably Spurs best player and most likable. He’s getting the Pogba treatment. A clear recipe for success is pissing off and demotivating your best player. This is close to a lock.
  • Dele Alli (+110): Loads of potential but has fallen off lately. Mou will crush his spirits and leave him regularly balled up and shivering in a fetal position in the corner of his running shower.
  • Danny Rose (+200): This will mostly be to throw everyone off the scent of his irrational hatred for Son. “Oh wait, he REALLY hates Rose” when it’s Son all along.
  • Harry Winks (+250): Mostly this is because as Mou’s aged, he doesn’t have time to tolerate things like, “I have two guys named Harry in my starting XI? This is annoying.”
  • Lucas Moura (+750): Mou+inconsistency hasn’t usually gone well.

For those hoping to see Harry Kane on the list, he seems like someone Jose will have a borderline man-crush on this season. It’s a smart play for him as well. Can already see the training photos of Mourinho with his hand on Kane’s shoulder, laughing without a care in the world.

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