Jurgen Klopp’s 10 Best Celebrations in Animated Gifs

Posted By High Press 10 on March 2, 2019 - Last Updated on March 20, 2019

Sunday’s Merseyside Derby has a lot at stake.

Last derby, Everton played one of their best games of the year (at Anfield no less) and would’ve come away with a point if not for a last second shank by Virgil van Dijk led to a miracle DIVOCK ORIGI header for the Liverpool win. Back to this in a minute.

First, sure, pride is certainly on the line in the longest continuously played top-flight derby in England (Merseysiding since ’62-63). Much bigger than that, a win at Everton will eliminate one of the most difficult 10 remaining games on Liverpool’s (and Manchester City) schedule.

Now about that last game. When DIVOCK ORIGI scored, Reds manager Jurgen Klopp came dashing on the field to embrace Alisson Becker in the celebration heard around the world. Klopp was fined for running on the pitch. It was typical Klopp unbridled jubilation. And while this one drew a fine, it doesn’t rank as Klopp’s best celebration of all-time.

With that in mind, let’s look at Jurgen Klopp’s best celebrations in animated gif form.

10. Boom Boom Pow. This is a more reserved Klopp celebration, involving some dopamine levels of perpendicular jackhammering followed by a final pow at the end.

9. You’ll Never Walk Alone, Anfield! This is standard, textbook Klopp. A pump to the crowd. Nope, make that a double-pump.

8. VICTORY! Sometimes when a goal seals it, Klopp does Churchill proud by giving a full-armed V for victory pump.

7. Aaaand in this corner! This whole “go apeshit” thing isn’t just confined to Klopp’s time at Anfield. Klopp can air-box with the best of them, as he did while at BVB here.


6. The “let’s go streaking” pitch run. While his celebration at the last Merseyside Derby ended up being among his most well-known, the degree of difficulty in executing it keeps it further down the list. The ballsyness though in doing it at all keeps it from slipping lower than sixth.

5. Get Vertical. Klopp defied freaking gravity while at BVB with this leap.

4. The Trinity. When Klopp perpendicular jackhammers, punches, AND high-fives, all while gritting his teeth, you KNOW something good just happened.

3. The Jackhammer. We’ve mentioned the perpendicular jackhammer a couple of times, but sometimes Klopp goes so bonkers, he literally jackhammers the ground with nothing but the sheer force and magnitude of his celebration.

2. Double-Jump, Double-Pump. This one takes #5 and makes it better by doing it TWICE. Extra sauce at that pump at the end there and even a little suspense like, “oh he’s not pumping again is h–ohhhhh he pumped again at the end with suspense yo!”

1. The one that you can’t describe with words. So, it’s first game of the ’18-19 campaign against West Ham. Liverpool are already cruising to victory. And then this happens. It’s a wtf-just-happened joy so profound that it can’t be described without using words that rhyme with chasterlation or festicles.

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