KPMG Football Benchmark Examines Pandemic’s Impact On Player Values

Posted By Tyler Everett on May 8, 2020

No one in European soccer will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic unscathed financially. At this point, that’s not a terribly groundbreaking assertion.

But while most of us are just guessing who is withstanding this crisis as well as possible and who is being hit the hardest, KPMG’s Football Benchmark team has produced some interesting analysis on the subject.

About KPMG’s Football Benchmark

According to the group’s Twitter bio, it “offers unique and innovative tools for analyzing the operational, financial and digital performance of football clubs and players.” On Tuesday, Football Benchmark published a report titled, “Player value not immune to pandemic: An analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on football players’ market values.”

The biggest takeaway from the 10-page report is that, as the title suggests, the players are being hit by this crisis just like the teams and leagues are. The damage will be much worse if play does not continue. (We forgive you if your reaction is “duh.”)

But the report, which is worth at least a glance during yet another week without live soccer, also projects the exact effect on the value of top players in two scenarios: 1) cancellation of the season and 2) continuation of the season.

The “Top” Five

We won’t give away too much of the nitty gritty from the report, but below are the five players the report says will be most affected, along with the projected decreases:

  • PSG F Kylian Mbappe (21) – His current value (all figures in euros) of €225M will drop to €177M if the season is canceled (which it is, at least domestically, for him and the next player on this list), or it will fall to €188M if the season continues.
  • PSG F Neymar (28) – His current value (€175M) falls to €137M with the season canceled. It would have dropped to €149M if the season continued.
  • Man City F Raheem Sterling (25) – His current value (€150M) falls to €129M (if canceled) or €134M (if continued).
  • Barcelona F Lionel Messi (32) – His current value (€175M) falls to €127M (if canceled) or €134M (if continued).
  • Liverpool F Mohamed Salah (27)  -His current value (€155M) falls to €124M (if canceled) or €131M (if continued).
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