Liverpool Player Ratings at Leicester (December 28, 2021)

Written By High Press 10 on December 28, 2021

A week ago, Liverpool pulled out a dramatic Carabao Cup win over Leicester at Anfield. Leicester, acting like fools at Anfield, trotted out their best possible XI and took two commanding leads. Liverpool clawed their way back, equalizing in the final seconds, and winning on pks. 

Today, Liverpool travel to King Power for another match against the Foxes. 

Jurgen Klopp goes with his strongest available (and well-rested) XI. Leicester are playing on only 48 hours rest. Should be fun!

An open and fun match in the first half. However, Liverpool will rue Mo Salah’s missed pk. The Reds were the betting team but are level 0-0 after 45 minutes. 

Will give Leicester supporters credit: their Wonderwall / Dewsbury-Hall chant is awesome. 

NOT awesome is Liverpool’s finishing today. Wasted chance after wasted chance. Shortly after Naby Keita comes on, Leicester score to go up 1-0. 

Listen, credit to Leicester. They played their foxing asses off. But Liverpool will look back at today as the day they lost the 2021-22 Premier League title. A 1-0 loss. Inexcusable given the circumstances. 

Here are Liverpool player ratings at Leicester.

Liverpool Player Ratings at Leicester


Jurgen Klopp (2) – 

I sense Klopp for whatever reasons really enjoys sticking it to Leicester. Without the need to really rotate, the German puts his best available XI on the pitch.

Subs Ox, who is playing well, early in the second half. And worse, for Keita. And of course, Leicester almost immediately score. Wonderful. Don’t understand the Fabinho-Milner sub either. We need goals. I do like the Hendo for Bobby swap in the 65th minute.

This was Liverpool and Klopp at their most frustrating. There is no excuse for the loss today. Klopp’s subs were odd. Poor all the way around. 


Alisson (5) –

Not challenged much. Not much he could do about the goal. 


Trent Alexander-Arnold (6) –

In stupid good form. Starts off on front foot with some precise crosses. Heady goal-line clearance in the 38th. Doesn’t influence the second half much though. Loses steam. Poor overall showing. 

Virgil van Dijk (7) –

Looks like “Good Virgil” today. Calm yet vocal. No early bouts of casualness. One of the few bright spots today.

Joel Matip (7) – 

Comes up with a goal-saving deflection in the 35th minute. Does his patented “totally out of control but in control” penetrating dribble a minute later. Along with Big Virg, one of the few bright spots. 

Kostas Tsimikas (6) – 

After Robbo’s red against Spurs, Kostas will get a few starts. Like most of his team, started the first half well, then disappeared in the second. 


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (6.5) – 

Has refound his ’17-18 form, getting another deserved start. Kinda playing an advanced central mid role today. Very active.  Subbed off early in the second half for Naby Keita. Not sure why. 

Jordan Henderson (6.5) –

Ambitious volley goes just high in the 8th minute. He’s a volleying fool today, sending two others over the cross bar in the first half. Comes off in the 65th for Bobby.

Fabinho (6) –

Defending his ass off. I know he’s coming off COVID, but he was playing fine. Klopp subs him in the 64th for Milner. Head-scratcher. 


Sadio Mane (4) – 

A little over-anxious on making an impact early on. Sloppy. Wastes a chance in front of the goal in the 54th. Need more from him.

Mo Salah (6) –

With over a week’s rest, Mo could run rampart over the Foxes today. Earns a pk when brought down after a nifty touch and move in the box. Then mishits his pk…and heads the rebound off the crossbar. Ugh. Hasn’t let the miss impact his play though, dancing around confidently with the ball and delivering some great balls. Stayed active and certainly can’t blame him for the loss. But that pk miss will haunt the team this season.

Diogo Jota (6) –

Love the shithousery he did after scoring the winning pk against Leicester last week. King Power fans aren’t booing him on every touch as you’d expect after he taunted them. Darting around everywhere. Looks like Jack Grealish with the completed weaving dribbles. Just not as sharp as we needed today.


Naby Keita (4) – Comes on early in the second half for Ox. Don’t get that sub. And of course Leicester score a few minutes later. Can we sell him to Newcastle in January?

James Milner (5) – Subs in the 64th for Fab. Don’t get that one. Not much impact.

Roberto Firmino (5) – On in the 65th for Hendo. Not much impact.


Nobody on Liverpool deserves it. Kasper Schmeichel for Leicester gets the nod.

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