Liverpool Player Ratings at Wolves (December 4, 2021)

Written By High Press 10 on December 4, 2021

Liverpool are on an unprecedented goal scoring run. 

The Reds have scored 4 goals in each of their last 3 domestic matches. They’re averaging over 3 per game. And they’ve set a record by scoring at least 2 in each of the past 18 matches. Their attack is simply devastating. 

Liverpool look to continue this run at the Molineux against Wolves. For the season, Wolves currently sit in 8th place with a zero goal differential. This won’t be easy for the Reds. 

The first half is a bit of a slog. Liverpool dominate possession (65%). But neither team registers a shot on target (Liverpool have 4 attempts to Wolves’ 1). A rather uneventful 0-0 first half. 

The second half is really spirited and chippy. Liverpool are incredibly wasteful in front of goal though, as Diogo Jota blows an utter gift on a keeperless net. Sadio Mane also misses a major chance. 



Mo Salah sets up Origi for a calm and poised last-minute winner. Liverpool go top of table (or at least a few hours) with a 1-0 win. 

Here are Liverpool player ratings at Wolves for December 4, 2021.

Liverpool Player Ratings at Wolves


Jurgen Klopp (7) – 

Klopp rolls out the exact same unit as he did for the mid-week thrashing at Everton. Hopefully he makes subs early. Expect a heavily rotated squad against AC Milan on Tuesday. 

While Liverpool show flashes, they’re a little flat. Some squad rotation today would’ve helped. Maybe he adjusts in the second half. Makes an interesting tactical shift in the 68th minute, subbing off Henderson (the right call) and going with a front 4 with Origi coming on. 

Klopp’s call to bring on Origi is rewarded as the big Belgium scores a last minute game winner. Klopp could’ve been better served with some rotation or earlier subs. But this game could’ve been over sooner if Jota and Mane had been more clinical. That’s not on him. 


Alisson (8) –

Literally nothing to do all of the first half, but alertly comes off his line and stymies Traore to keep the match level. Wow what a save from Alisson in the 60th. It immediately springs a counter that (skip down to Jota) is wasted…what a kick in the nuts. 

Came up big every time he was called upon. 


Trent Alexander-Arnold (7.5) –

Trent is tied with Pogba for second most assists in the Premier League this season with 7, one behind Salah. Having said that…Trent playing some solid defense early on. Good service today. Should’ve had an assist in the 32nd but Jota fires a perfect cross just wide of the net. 

Man his vision and passing are on point today. Defending is too. Wonderful work in the box in the 49th to contain a Wolves attack. Great all around showing. 

Virgil Van Dijk (6.5) –

Back to some casual defending early with a poor clearance and allowing Jimenez (eventually called offside) to get by him. Should’ve been rested today. “Grows into the game” though with a solid second half performance. 

Joel Matip (8) – 

Is there anything more fun then when Joel dribbles down the entire pitch and then doesn’t release the ball and is dispossessed like he did in the 38th minute? Good first half. Had 2 of the following in the first 45: completed dribbles, won aerials, and tackles. More possession than usual too. Overall, Liverpool’s best player today. 

Andy Robertson (7) – 

A little flat compared to his most recent outings. Does make a killer run and cross across the box that just misses Salah’s foot for an opening goal. Booked for a hard challenge on Traore. Brilliant passing and run in at the 76th minute almost leads to a big chance. Should’ve tagged a shot in the box late but goes for a cutesy pass instead. Still, played well. 


Fabinho (7) –

Doing what he does–all the dirty work defending. Great defensive play on Traore in the 33rd. Really trying to man up Traore today. Appreciate the effort. 

Thiago (7) – 

Connecting well. Finding creative through balls. Mistimes a Salah ball in early in the second half, should’ve put Liverpool on the board. Second on team in possession today. Connected a high percentage of his passes too. Finally feels like he’s fully integrated into the team. 

Jordan Henderson (5) –

Pedestrian performance today by his recent standards. Subbed off in the 68th minute for Origi. 


Sadio Mane (6) – 

Doing his “Imma be offside constantly today” routine. Bizarro performance from him today. His touch and creativity are so on point. But his energy is low. Wasted chance to bury a winner in the 87th minute. FFS. Should’ve maybe been rested today. 

Diogo Jota (-47) –

Starting against his old club today. Lively as always but maybe pushing too hard. For as phenomenal as he is with headers, wastes a chance to open scoring by firing an inch perfect Trent cross wide. 

WTF JOTA! Utterly bungles an open net gift from Wolves in the 60th. Instead of a calm finish he just drills it at Conner Coady’s nut sack. Two absolute gift goals wasted by Jota so far. Later does his standard “lightly touched but will act like I got shot in the gut” routine. He needs to stop that. 

Subbed off in the 82nd for Ox. What a letdown game for him. 

Mo Salah (7) –

While certainly disrupted, should’ve tapped in Robbo’s cross in the 38th minute. Creative pass in 50th minute to Thiago almost leads to an opener. 

So quiet but waking up towards end. Only Red really really going for it. OMG what a play! Brilliance from Mo earns an assist to Origi on the game winner.  Subbed off late. Salah’s 9 assists leads the Premier League by 2. He was 7th in the Ballon D’or this year🙄.


Divock Origi (7) – On in the 68th for Hendo. Showing some hunger that’s been missing of late. However, his lack of quality and timing with teammates is evident. Right ideas, wrong execution. 

And then seconds after I type that…a calm and composed game winner from Origi! Big Div!

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (NR) – On in the 82nd for Jota. One ambitious attempt but not on long enough to make impact. 

James Milner (NR) – Time wasting late sub for Salah. 


Matip was the best player on the pitch today for Liverpool, but it’s been awhile since Big Div has had a big moment. Let’s go with Divock Origi. 

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