Liverpool Player Ratings vs Norwich City – Matchday 1

Posted By High Press 10 on August 9, 2019 - Last Updated on February 21, 2020

The 2019-20 Premier League season is underway! Liverpool kicks the season off against Norwich City. Before the Player Ratings, here’s how the Reds will line up.

An Anfield game against a recently promoted club should be a romp. And the season started off in a fitting way, as Andy Robertson threaded a ball to Divock Origi for a shot. Norwich OG’d it and Liverpool went up early.

The flood gates opened from there, as Liverpool put 4 total goals in by the half. Norwich defenders accurately represented here:

Genuinely concerning though is Alisson going down and out with an apparent leg injury. Liverpool can survive against Norwich without Alisson, but he’s needed for any trophy run.

After pouring 4 in the first half, Liverpool slowed down in the second. They conceded one as well. Final score: Liverpool 4, Norwich 1.

Worth nothing: good showing at the end by Norwich. They could’ve bagged it at the half but kept fighting. And their fans travel well, chanting that they won the second half 1-0. πŸ‘

Liverpool Player Ratings


Jurgen Klopp (7) – Had the lads coming out strong in the first half. However, Klopp usually has the squad firing on all cylinders in the second half and Liverpool were flat. The energy dipped. Maybe they got bad news about Alisson, which is understandable. Klopp needs to seal up the defense by next week though. Probably not pleased with how the game ended.


Alisson (7) – Continued his poor Community Shield form with an almost costly giveaway in the 5th minute. Made up for it with a brilliant save in the 22nd minute. Came through with another dazzling punch out in the 26th.

Troubling potential serious injury brought him off the pitch in the 38th. This is not good.


Trent Alexander-Arnold (6.5) – Set piece work isn’t crisp like it was last season yet. Buuuut…delivered a laser perfect pass to Divock Origi’s head for the fourth goal.

Utterly ripped a laser on a free kick that just missed in the 85th.

Virgil van Dijk (7) – Defense was still leaky early, giving up space for tight passes. That’s party on big Virg.

Made up for it by heading home a Salah corner in the 28th minute.

Shut down a really solid Teemu Pukki in the 35th.

Joe Gomez (7) – Somewhat of a suprise start over Joel Matip. In the Community Shield, Gomez looked stronger at right-back and Matip shined once subbed in and paired with VVD.

Let Pukki in behind him for the first Norwich goal of the season. Tightened up after that. Wonderful defending in stoppage time.

Andy RobertsonΒ (7.5) – Looks fantastic early. Perfectly weighted through-ball to Origi that led to the OG opener. Then boomed up the flank in the 9th minute delivering a near opportunity to Firmino. Also continued his end-of-last-season trend by ripping shots, just missing a bullet in the 16th. Remained strong on the attack and well-positioned on defense.


Jordan Henderson (6.5) – Not playing on the front foot like he closed out the 18-19 season. Got straight up juked in the 24th with some spotty defending.

Started second half stronger, delivering a rocket in the 48th out of a tough angle. Continued better run through the end of the game.

Fabinho (6.5) – Always in the right spot. Solid dispossessing. Even drilled a shot in the 55th.

Georginio WijnaldumΒ (5) – Did he play? One of those quiet but effective Gini nights.


Roberto Firmino (8) – Made some great runs early though didn’t receive on the end of them. Brilliant vision and touch to spot Salah for an assist.

Just missed an all-timer in the 31st, taking the ball down with his body and Fernando Torres’ing it.

Almost delivered another stunner in the 48th. His touch and control is among the best in the world. Did well to earn a free kick in the 84th that TAA almost rocketed in. Deserved a goal this game.

Divock Origi (7) – Notches a start in place of the not-fit-yet Sadio Mane. It took all of 7 minutes for DIVOCK ORIGI TO HAPPEN. Some fancy footwork and shot led to the opening own goal. He won’t get the tally on the score sheet, but Origi made it happen again. A fitting way to start the season.

He did get one of his own by heading home a TAA service in the 42nd.

Subbed off in the 74th for Mane.

Mohamed Salah (8) – Kept up the habit of holding on to the ball a second too long. Made a great penetrating dribble in the 17th but ran it into a wall. Made up for it by slotting home the second goal with in inch of space.

Delivered an on the dime corner to Big Virg’s big noggin for the 3rd goal.

Remained active in the second half with two quality chances he didn’t convert. Continues to improve his recovery too.


AdriΓ‘n (6) – Well, welcome to Anfield. Came on for Alisson in the 39th. Let the Pukki shot in but not much he could’ve done about it.

Sadio Mane (N/R) – Came in for Origi in the 74th. Took all of a minute to drive and almost connect with Firmino for a goal. Lively AF. Looks like a lightning bolt.

James Milner (N/R) – Late sub for Bobby.


Had Bobby found the net he’d get the nod, but Mo Salah was just as effective and did (plus an assist to go with it). Firmino was the man, but Mo gets the MoM.

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