Liverpool Player Ratings vs Aston Villa (Matchday 11): Reds Pull Out Thrilling Late 2-1 Win

Posted By Chops on November 2, 2019

Premier League matchday 11 brings a trip to Aston Villa for Liverpool.

Not much rotation today. Fabinho is forced out of the line-up as another yellow card would force him out of the Manchester City match. Jurgen Klopp gives the start to a deserving Adam Lallana. Expect Klopp to roll with that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita midfield in their Champions League match vs Genk on Wednesday.



Credit to Aston Villa, who played their collective asses off. They led 1-0 until the 87th minute. Then Liverpool gutted out two goals (one by Andy Robertson, one by Sadio Mane) and claimed a 2-1 win. Unbelievable. Except that they keep doing it.

While some may wonder how Liverpool keeps doing it, the reality is they were the better side today by a large margin. The heat map shows significant field coverage compared to AVL. They had a clear possession advantage (not shocking) and turned that possession into actual opportunities. Liverpool had 25 shots on goal (6 on target) to AVL’s 5 and 2. Liverpool just converted those chances at the very (very) end of the game. Plus Firmino’s off-sides was NOT an off-sides. So there’s that too.

Here are the Liverpool vs Aston Villa player ratings.

Liverpool Player Ratings


Jurgen Klopp (8) – Interestingly, Klopp puts Jordan Henderson at the #6 instead of Lallana. It’s not the best fit for Hendo. He’s been grooming Lallana to be his fill-in DMC. The best explanation is he’s resting Ox for Genk.

That lasted 10 mins though as Klopp shifted Lallana back to the middle. Good adjustment by the boss. Subbed out Salah for Origi and Ox for Gini. The subs should’ve been Mane and Henderson.

Nevermind what the fuck do I know. Mane scores the winner. Good job by Klopp.


Alisson (6) – Was given no help on the opener and got big–however, he could’ve gotten body part on it had he reacted better. Has come off his line twice for two heady clearances.


Trent Alexander-Arndold (9) – TAA becomes the fourth youngest player to reach 100 appearances for Liverpool today. Just a local scouse living his best life.

Wonderful interception in the 26th, completed dribble and shot. He follows it immediately with a well-serviced corner. Playing with real confidence and drive. His dribbled is Messi-esque today. He’s constantly on the attack. His service in to Mane gets the assist for the winner. Looks like the best player on the pitch if not one of the best in the world. For real.

Virgil van Dijk (6) – More sloppy and casual play from the big man. Too many missed markings and turnovers in the first half. Continues in the second half, not connecting basic passes. Does make one heady clearance in the 78th.

Dejan Lovren (7) – Once again, showing better defensively than his CB partner. Does well getting in box for headers, just missing a good connection in the 90th.

Andy Robertson (8.5) – Have a feeling this is going to be a vintage Robbo match with constant marauding and an assist or two. He’s been solid in the first half. His ability to cleanly bring down balls and service them in is second to none.

Beautiful run in and header to level the game. Bravo👏👏👏


Jordan Henderson (3) – Always an ill-fit at the #6. Hendo excels more in an attacking role. He utterly brain-farts a pass back to Alisson in the 8th, almost leading to a big chance  for Villa. Gets moved to the flank though early and immediately looks better. Feeds a great ball into the box that Mane almost converts for the opener.

Totally loses sight of Trézéguet on the set piece opener. Not sure who he was defending there. Or better put: poor defending in general. In second half, fails to connect a basic key pass in the box, killing a counter. Needs to come out for Ox immediately. Stays in the whole game but has to be better than today.

Adam Lallana (5) – If Fabinho were to pick up a yellow card this game, he’d be forced to miss Liverpool’s next domestic match. That match is against Manchester City. So welcome to the bench, Fabinho! And welcome back to the starting XI, Adam Lallana. After starting where Ox would be, gets moved to the center. On the ball more than any Liverpool player though not making the most of it.

Missed a golden opportunity from a Firmino feed in the 73rd. Subbed off late for Keita.

Georginio Wijnaldum (4) – One of those quiet Gini days in the first half. Does little in the second and subbed off for Ox in the 65th minute.


Roberto Firmino (6) – Called off-sides on an equalizer and clearly was not, but VAR🤷‍♀️. The best of the forward bunch today by a mile. Tracking back well and creative in distribution.

Sadio Mane (6) – Really poor today so far. His decision-making is awful, constantly missing the right pass (hence his historically low assist totals). Rightly booked for a yellow for simulation in the box. Can’t wait until he earns a penalty in the box later in the match and doesn’t get the call because the refs think he’s diving again. Mane is capable of having some real stinkers though and then coming through with a key goal out of nowhere. Fingers crossed that’s the case today.

Skies a great opportunity in the 72nd minute, so not the case yet. Too slow. Too easily dispossessed.


His ball in to Robertson for the equalizer is wonderful. And he scores the winner. Typing this sentence 30 minutes earlier is very prescient now:

Mane is capable of having some real stinkers though and then coming through with a key goal out of nowhere. Fingers crossed that’s the case today.

Mohamed Salah (3) – Salah feels poised for a big breakthrough game on games. Today should be the day. My DFS line-ups at least reflect that opinion.

His finishing today is POOR. Skies two shots into the stratosphere. Then skies a header into the stands off a brilliant ball in from Robertson. I’m way off on today being a big breakthrough. Exact opposite. Subbed out for Origi in the 65th.


Divock Origi (6) – In for Mo Salah, can he create some magic again? He doesn’t convert but played well, better than Salah.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (6) – Comes in for Gini and goes on an immediate rampage. Rifles off a couple of shots in succession that are well defended by Villa.

Naby Keita (NR) – On late for Lallana to make something happen. Not enough time to make an impact.


Trent Alexander-Arnold was a boss today. He’s playing at a new level. Hope everyone else is seeing this. Thank you Squawka for this…

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