Liverpool Player Ratings vs Burnley: Will the Reds Ever Score A Goal Again?

Posted By High Press 10 on January 21, 2021

Liverpool hasn’t scored a Premier League in approximately 497 days. 

The goal scoring drought has dropped them to 4th in the table, which for this team over the last three years, feels like basically treading at the relegation zone. 

Liverpool play Burnley today and ffs better score a few goals and win the damn match. Another draw would be total 💩.

Jurgen Klopp tries to shake things up with an unusual line-up. Is he saving legs for the FA Cup match vs Man U?

The first half brings more of the same for Liverpool. They dominate possession (67%) and shots (13 / 4 on target) to 3 / 3 for Burnley, but the score ends 0-0 after 45 minutes. 

In the second half the match became a goalkeeping clinic. Alisson and Nick Pope were trying to one-up each other on incredible saves. 

Then in the 82nd minute, Ashley Barnes takes a dive that if Mo Salah had done it, the racist English press would shred him. But Barnes is “clever.” Fucking bullshit. Barnes gets a total undeserved penalty and puts Burnley up 1-0. I hate everything. 

And with that, an Ashley Barnes dive, Liverpool lose at Anfield for the first time since April 2017. What in the actual fuck. Can’t write any more. 

Here are Liverpool player ratings vs Burnley.

Liverpool Player Starting XI vs Burnley

Liverpool Player Ratings vs Burnley


Jurgen Klopp (0) – 

Interesting selection but hey, the preferred XI isn’t exactly clicking right now. 

Klopp needs to get the midfield working. Every ball into the box is a cross now. Every single one. Should’ve started Salah and Bobby. Hasn’t fixed the squad. 


Alisson (8) –

Liverpool would have more L’s than D’s of late if not for Ali’s big saves. To that point, comes up with a big diving save in the 13th minute. Comes up with another massive save in the 67th. Don’t put the penalty on him, Barnes dived. Again, if that had been Salah or Mane, the racist English press would be BLASTING them for diving right now. 


Trent Alexander-Arnold (6) –

Firing a lot of crosses that aren’t finding heads or feets. Solid attempt in the 50th denied by Nick Pope. 

Joel Matip (7) –

Welcome back to fitness, Joel! Looked good. Whatever. 

Fabinho (6.5) – 

A little off today. Yellow card at the end of the first that could’ve been a red. Otherwise was fine. Whatever. 

Andy Robertson (6) – 

Whatever. I hate everything. 


Thiago (7) –

Easily Liverpool’s best player during this dry spell.

If everyone on Liverpool were as good as Thiago, they’d be the best team in the universe. Falls off in the second half. 

Gini Wijnaldum (5) –

Gets the captaincy nod today. And his legacy will unfairly be as the guy who was a captain the day Liverpool’s Anfield streak ends. 

Xherdan Shaqiri (7) – 

A well-deserved start. Looks sharp early. Blasts a laser just off target in the 21st minute. Threads through balls. Very active. Another strong showing. Pulled late for Taki. 


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (5.5) –

Reds need to see the old Ox back today. Blasting vintage Ox long-range bombs on target, so that’s good. However, not good enough today. Subbed off in the 57th. 

Sadio Mane (7) –

Good not great first half. Needs to be more assertive going to goal. Picks it up in the second half. 

Divock Origi (6) – 

Whatever. Can’t produce LESS than Firmino or Salah of late. Origi looks inspired. His touch is on point and his runs are great. 

Origi capitalized on a Burnley turnover towards the end of the first half, but muffed a 1-on-1 with the keeper by hitting the woodwork 🤦‍♂️. This sucks. Subbed off in the 57th. 


Mo Salah (7) – Comes on in the 57th with Bobby. Immediately rips Liverpool’s best shot on goal but denied by Nick Pope. 

Roberto Firmino (6) – Comes on in the 57th with Mo. Brilliant deflection almost goes on but Burnley had a force field up today. 

Takumi Minamino () – Comes on late for Shaq after the bullshit penalty. 


Who cares. There is no joy in the world. 

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