Liverpool Player Ratings vs Manchester City (Matchday 12)

Posted By Grace Robertson on November 10, 2019

Liverpool won the titanic clash against Manchester City without it ever looking in doubt. The refereeing decisions went their way, but the performance was superior and Klopp’s side provided the quality in moments of transition. City weren’t able to play their usual style. No doubt of the frontrunner in the title race now.


Here are the Liverpool vs Manchester City player ratings.

Liverpool Player Ratings


Jurgen Klopp (8) – He stuck with his Plan A against Manchester City and it paid off. Both full backs found plenty of space, with Alexander-Arnold’s crossfield passes and Robertson’s running into space providing great value. Nothing to criticise him for today, the strategy worked. Many would have liked to see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain start, but Klopp stuck to his guns and he was right.


Alisson (7) – Hasn’t been too busy, but has made saves when needed. Can’t really be criticised too much for the goal he conceded. Some of his distribution has been riskier than I would’ve liked, but he won’t particularly care about what I think.


Trent Alexander-Arndold (8) – Should he have given away a penalty for handling the ball? There’s certainly a case for it, but he gets let off. Them’s the breaks. Delivers a decisive early crossfield pass in the buildup to the second goal, as has been a frequent feature of his game this season.

Virgil van Dijk (6) – Not in the came that much, but he can provide whenever he’s asked. You just need to be able to rely on your centre backs. Gets done a little too easily on the Bernardo Silva goal, but overall it’s a good performance.

Dejan Lovren (7) – Just constantly battering things away, as he does. Avoiding the Lovren moments. Always seems a little too willing to look back to the goalkeeper when Liverpool are playing the ball out from the back.

Andy Robertson (9) – Managed to find space to drive forward for the second goal, and does so delightfully, delivering a perfectly weighted cross for Mohamed Salah.


Jordan Henderson (8) – Not a game for midfielders, just as Liverpool will have wanted. He’s barely been in the match, but that’s fine. When he’s asked to get into it, he delivers a superb cross for Sadio Mane, so it’s all good.

Fabinho (7) – Well that’ll do. Fabinho’s early strike from range went completely against the run of play, in which he was able to find half a yard of space and just strike it well. Wasn’t a hugely eventful game otherwise.

Georginio Wijnaldum (7) – Also mostly a bystander, but that’s not a huge issue. When he has been called into action, he’s done some excellent work under pressure, evading blue shirts and gliding through the centre of the pitch.


Roberto Firmino (7) – He’s willing dropping awfully deep to receive the ball and trigger the side’s counter-attacking sequences. Not a hugely eventful game for him, but he’s always important.

Sadio Mane (8) – Wasn’t really his game in the first half, with Liverpool mostly shifting it over to Salah’s side. But in the second, some space opens up for him and Henderson provides a cross for him to know exactly what to do. Even when he’s not on form, he can come up in big moments.

Mohamed Salah (8) – There’s space to be had for him in games like this. When Robertson moves forward, the far post is there for him to attack. He does it perfectly for the first goal.


James Milner (7) – Is he ever anything less? Does what he does, and does it well.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (N/A) – Had a few bright moments, but not really enough to grade him.

Joe Gomez (N/A) – Again, not enough to judge.


Andy Robertson He can be so, so important going forward in these sorts of games. He was the free man in attack (how City let the happen, I’ve no idea) and provides such quality in every moment. Decisive.

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