Manchester City Players Mock Hillsborough Victims and Sean Cox After Winning Premier League Title?

Posted By High Press 10 on May 15, 2019

After winning the Premier League title on the final matchday of the season, Manchester City players celebrated by…mocking Liverpool and its fans who suffered tragedies?

From‘s Twitter feed:

The chant is a shot at Liverpool’s “Allez allez allez.” It’s a signature song for the Reds with increasing popularity the past few years (if you’ve never watched a Jamie Webster BOSS Night performance of it, do yourself a favor, stop reading this, check it out and comeback in five minutes).

City players change lyrics as shot at Reds and tragedy victims

The Liverpool Echo transcribed a portion of the lyrics:

‘All the way to Kiev, to end up in defeat, crying in the stands and battered on the streets, Kompany injured Salah, victims of it all, Sterling won the double, the Scousers won **** all….’

The Echo notes:

Many believe ‘battered on the streets’ is a sick reference to the attack on Sean Cox prior to the Champions League semi-final against Roma at Anfield last April.

As Bleacher Report uh, reported, the remainder of City’s “Evil Weird Al” alteration may also be a shot at a group of Liverpool fans who were attacked at a restaurant in Kiev before the UCL finals against Real Madrid. Or, more likely, about the Hillsborough 96.

A City spokesperson offered a somewhat feeble response to the mocking allegations:

How Liverpool responded to their Premier League defeat vs City’s reaction

Even if City is granted an unearned benefit-of-the-doubt and the chants weren’t about Cox and Hillsborough, it’s still not a good reflection on the organization. While unruly fans are expected and shouldn’t be held as a represenation of the organization as a whole–the players are another story. Further, if the players act like this, then it signals to the fans that it’s open season to say whatever they want.

There is a stark contrast to how Manchester City players reacted their win vs how Liverpool’s squad treated their success and failure last week. While City took a Khaleesi scorched earth approach, Anfield and the Reds went full-on “fahoo fores dahoo dores” last week in two touching displays of solidarity.

Consider the juxtaposition of City’s players post-victory vs Liverpool’s at Anfield:

That’s a real team with real shared history and attachment to their community–all of which of course was topped off by Mo Salah’s daughter scoring a goal:

While City’s players were chanting about assaults, Liverpool’s players were quoted saying:

“Congratulations to City, they deserved it by one point. City were just a tiny bit better than us.” 

– Virgil van Dijk after final matchday


“We have just fallen short to a world-class team. To go 14 games without dropping a point is unbelievable. Fair play to City. The way they have gone about their business this season has been a joy to watch.”

– Andy Robertson after final matchday

Ok, maybe Robbo’s “fair play to City” was a jab. At least it was a creative one.

With City’s billion dollar roster and flexible views on financial fair play regulations (not to mention their misleading of UEFA officials about FFP violations), one Liverpool fan summed it up well:

Even in a best-case scenario where City’s “Allez allez allez” rendition has nothing to do with people who died or were assaulted, it’s still a bad look from a squad with every inherent financial advantage in global soccer.

Ultimately, City’s class on the pitch is only matched by it’s lack of class off of it.

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