Manchester United Supporters Rejoice! Fifth Place in the Premier League Will Get Champions League Spot This Season

Posted By Chops on February 14, 2020

Manchester City’s two-year Champions League ban is a potential boon for Premier League also-rans.

During the Wolves vs Leicester halftime show, news came out that the Premier League would award the fifth place team Champions League qualification in place of Man City.

That is music to the ears for the likes of Manchester United, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Everton and Wolves. Or basically every ascending / major club except for Arsenal.

A lifeline for Manchester United…

Going into matchday 26 weekend, here’s the EPL table:

Can Sheffield United really find themselves in the UCL next season? Or can Man U actually back-assward their way into the Champions League again?

Or (gasp)…Everton?




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