Overreacting to Champions League Group Stage Matchweek 1

Posted By High Press 10 on October 21, 2020

Given the unique, truncated, fan-less nature of this Champions League, we were prepared to expect the unexpected. There are always some surprises in the group stage.

Let’s overreact to what we saw this week.

Real Madrid are in real danger of not advancing!

Who had Shakhtar Donetsk comfortably atop the group in their office pool? Nobody?

Credit Tyler Everett, who called out Real Madrid as a favorite in danger of not advancing. This is a tight grouping already. The Shakhtars (the Donetsks?) getting these 3 points is huge for them. Real Madrid have their work cut out for them now. Despite a furious comeback that almost led to salvaging a point, they don’t look right.

Their best hope is Inter bottling like they’re prone to do.

Verdict: Not an overreaction.

Barcelona are back, baby!

You can’t talk about Real Madrid and not discuss Barcelona.

Barcelona look dominant and got production from people whose last name isn’t “Messi.”

But let’s keep perspective. This was against at Camp Nou against Ferencvaros.

Still, their domestic results also indicate that Barcelona could make some noise.

Verdict: Not an overreaction.

Liverpool have nothing to worry about without VVD!

Credit Jurgen Klopp for all sorts of adjustments on the fly heading into this Ajax match.

Fabinho is the best center-back on the planet. Adrian is the best back-up goalkeeper possibly ever. And Liverpool should be Champions League favorites.


Bayern Munich won’t lose a match all UCL!

Atleti conceded more goals than Diego Simeone lost hairs this match. Just kidding, Simeone is suffering male pattern baldness.

But Bayern look dominant af.

Still, a few injuries will challenge squad depth. They won’t march through this undefeated.

Verdict: Overreaction.

PSG is in danger of not advancing!

If you’re a PSG supporter, you have to be frustrated.

They have the talent to blow anyone off the pitch any day. And they have the arrogance to lay a turd against a team they should pummel like a struggling Man U.

This is the Group of Death. And RB Leipzig aren’t afraid of anyone. Given the distraction of Mbappe bolting after the season, this could spiral downward.

Verdict: Not an overreaction. 

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