Premier League Matchday 32 Lines: Liverpool Look to Celebrate Title Against City

Posted By High Press 10 on June 27, 2020

The Premier League title race is over. Liverpool has captured the trophy sooner than any other team in history.

While that would normally take some of the shine off this week’s marquee match-up–as the Reds travel to the Etihad to face FFP violating Manchester City–don’t be so sure. While an empty Etihad will be just as lifeless as it would be on any regular matchday, these two teams have too much pride to treat this like a glorified exhibition.

Per Pep, City will present the Guard of Honour on Thursday to Liverpool. And then these two teams will go at it like the title was still on the line. That’s what champions do.

Good thing we have City vs Liverpool this matchweek though. The other fixtures are lacking in the luster department. Here are the lines.

Premier League matchday 32 lines

 Sunday, June 28th 
Watford +140Draw +240Southampton +210
Monday, June 29th
Crystal Palace +138Draw +210Burnley +235
Tuesday, June 30th
Brighton +415Draw +265Manchester United -137
Wednesday, July 1st
Arsenal -225Draw +350Norwich +650
Everton +155Draw +230Leicester +180
Bournemouth +135Draw +220Newcastle +220
West Ham +410Draw +310Chelsea -159
Thursday, July 2nd
Sheffield +280Draw +235Tottenham +105
Manchester City +110Draw +275Liverpool +230

Odds & Ends

  • Bournemouth favored over Newcastle? For realz? Typically we’d look at that as a soft line, but this one has that “oddsmakers know something” whiff about it. Pop a bet on the Cherries.
  • Leicester (+180) are slight underdogs at Everton (+155). Neither team has looked very imposing since the restart. They’re not scoring. The draw price of +230 is worth a look.
  • Same goes for Sheffield vs Spurs. The Blades have seen their position slip since the restart. This game has real Europa League consequences (don’t laugh!). Feels like another draw.
  • What doesn’t feel like a draw given the lines is City vs. Liverpool. We’ll provide our match preview for it soon–but look for two squads starting their best XI.
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