Premier League Matchday 36 Betting Odds

Posted By Katya Gokhman on April 23, 2019

Premier League Matchday 36 consists of battles to win or survive…or both. This is our theme of the week.

While technically not a Matchday 36 fixture, the marquee match-up is 100% Manchester City vs Manchester United on Wednesday. Nothing else comes close. The league title (City) and Champions League qualification (United) hang on the result of this game.

Matchday 36 Betting Lines Preview

As always, home team is listed first. If you need a refresher, visit how to bet soccer or Premier League betting.

All listed odds from April 22 on FanDuel Sportsbook NJ.

Tuesday, April 23rd
(Make-up matches)
Tottenham -370Draw +470Brighton +950
Watford +115Draw +240Southampton +240
Wednesday, April 24th(Make-up matches)
Wolves +185Draw +240Arsenal +145
Man. United +550Draw +390Man. City -230
Friday, April 26th
(Start of Matchday 36)
Liverpool -1500Draw +1100Huddersfield +3200
Saturday, April 27th
Tottenham -250Draw +400West Ham +600
Southampton +105Draw +250Bournemouth +250
Fulham +140Draw +250Cardiff +185
Crystal Palace +170Draw +230Everton +160
Watford +145Draw +220Wolves +195
Brighton +115Draw +210Newcastle +270
Sunday, April 28th
Leicester +175Draw +270Arsenal +140
Burnley +1400Draw +700Man. City -700
Man. United +165Draw +240Chelsea +160

Odds & Ends

  • Our marquee match up, Manchester United (+550) versus Manchester City (-230) is not just a classic derby this year. Both sides have something to lose and gain in this match. With a win, Man City can keep control on retaining the league title while Man U, if they win, can further their chances of finishing in the top four. Not only can both teams guarantee their own fate with a win, they can also ruin the other team’s season.
  • This brings us to the Liverpool (-1500) match up versus Huddersfield (+3200). Liverpool, arguably, have an easier path to winning the league when looking at the remainder of their opponents in comparison to Man City. And, if Man City loses or draws to Man United, Liverpool will have the upper hand in the race to be 1st in the league. It’s crucial that Liverpool continue the winning streak they have maintained since early March.
  • As the battles continue, Arsenal’s quest to secure a top four finish is in danger as they travel away to take on Wolves. Chelsea, who have now taken the 4th spot after a tie to Burnley on Monday, are 1 point ahead of Arsenal. With this being said, Arsenal must win against Wolves. This won’t be the easiest run-in considering Wolves have the best record in the league when it comes to playing the top 6 teams…
  • The relegation battle between Brighton and Cardiff also continues. Currently, Brighton is 3 points ahead of Cardiff. So, as the trend seems to be, winning is crucial for both sides. In the match Fulham (+140) vs Cardiff (+185), Fulham has already, technically, been relegated. However, they are playing at home and have nothing to lose — so why not ruin someone else’s chances at staying in the league and bring them down with them? On the other side, Brighton have to face Spurs on Tuesday (a match they are not expected to win…) and then face Newcastle at home. Granted, they will be at home against Newcastle so they do have the advantage, however, Newcastle are fresh off 2 wins. With this being said, moving forward past this match, Brighton still need to face Arsenal (who are fighting for a top 4 finish) and Man City (who are fighting for the league title) while Cardiff still need to face Man United (who are fighting for a top 4 finish).

Finally, after this week, we may have real clarity on who is winning the league, securing a UCL spot, and spending 2019-20 in the Championship.

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