Premier League Players Do Not Want to Restart Season During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted By High Press 10 on April 29, 2020

Today, ESPN broke a story that a number of Premier League players do not want to restart the season during the coronavirus crisis.

A number of second tier leagues–like the Eredivisie and Ligue Un–have cancelled their seasons. With much of society still shut down, players are increasingly concerned about returning to the pitch until health conditions improve.

Premier League players concerned about returning

A source told ESPN:

“A lot of players are very uncomfortable with coming back. The only way the league takes this seriously is when someone at a club dies. We will look back on this time with sadness in the future.”

Some clubs — including Arsenal who were among the first impacted as their manager Mikel Arteta was diagnosed to have COVID-19— have opened training facilities under strict social distancing guidelines. The Premier League restart date has tentatively been set for early June.

However, if players make a stand and refuse to return, the Premier League would be forced to shut the season down. A meeting is scheduled for Friday with clubs and players to discuss restart plans.

Will the Premier League season be voided?

The Eredivisie voided their season, denying Ajax the title. There has been no word yet if Ligue Un will void their season.

Speculation is that if the Premier League were to cancel the season, current standings would hold. However if the clubs decide to void the season, Liverpool would be denied their first title domestic title in 30 years.


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