Ranking the Likelihood of Manchester United’s Potential Summer Signings

Posted By Uttiyo Sarkar on April 11, 2020

The summer transfer window is going to be a unique one because of the circumstances which have grasped Europe in recent months, but it could be an especially interesting one for Manchester United.

While many clubs are deteriorating financially because of the suspended season, United are among the rare ones relatively unaffected by it. Thanks to their vast range of global sponsorship, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident his side can still contest their transfer business as planned.

As a result, the Red Devils are ready to open their paycheck for another high-spending transfer window. As usual, they’ve been linked to a whole load of targets. However, only a few of these can actually become a reality come next season. Let’s rank the likelihood of United’s summer signings taking in view their reported targets.

Jadon Sancho – 8/10

Jadon Sancho has emerged as the next ‘big signing’ United want in order to make a statement of their future ambitions. With 14 goals & 15 assists in just 23 Bundesliga appearances this season, Sancho’s among the very best wingers in the world & will only get better.

United don’t want to miss out on the chance to sign a world-class winger and the Borussia Dortmund winger fits right into their needs. They need a prominent right-winger who can score & set-up goal easily, someone who brings that added spark with his trickery.

With his connections with Marcus Rashford & Harry Maguire, Sancho shouldn’t take time settling in either. The Red Devils will have to break their transfer record and reportedly pay more than £100m, but there have been clear indications they’re obsessed with signing him. This could be a LONG saga, but I think United should get their next deadly #7 next season.

Jack Grealish – 7.5/10

The Aston Villa captain is reportedly a top target for United after having a terrific season with 7 goals & 6 assists in the Premier League. Jack Grealish is viewed as the perfect piece to fulfil the midfield puzzle, with his versatility of playing in multiple roles in the attacking sphere also gaining United’s attention.

They could actually get him for a bargain €20-30m fee if Villa aren’t able to avoid relegation, which would be a huge coup knowing his talent. Grealish’ recent PR disaster in crashing his car during the lockdown period doesn’t seem to bother United, who could see him as Paul Pogba’s potential successor.

Knowing how OGS’ side are missing that goal-scoring spark from midfield & need a player who can inject confidence & creativity into the team, this could go down even if United are made to pay a bit more than the reported fee.

James Maddison – 5.5/10

James Maddison piqued United’s interest when he was soaring for Leicester City early into the season, but his drop-in-form seems to have hurt that. United are impressed by his ability, but their chase for Grealish could’ve toned down their attempts to vie away Maddison from the Foxes.

They are being urged to pick the Villa captain over the Leicester star & considering that Grealish has been better than him across the campaign, that seems to be a more logical option.

Moreover, I don’t see United succumbing to Leicester’s tactics of prying a bloated fee for one of their stars. That ship passed with Maguire and the Red Devils will look beyond Maddison for now.

Jude Bellingham – 5/10

United are looking to pull another Wayne Rooney in trying to sign Birmingham City wonderkid Jude Bellingham, who has already asserted himself a regular for the Championship side. Bellingham’s all-round brilliance in midfield has United convinced he’s a future star for them, but they face some stiff competition.

Dortmund, who pried away Erling Haaland from OGS’ side in January, are persisting to add another young starlet to their team. Their offer is supposedly more attractive & they’ll also guarantee more game-time.

It seems like Bellingham is more interested in joining the Germans but United are always ready to up the stakes if they feel the target is worth it. This could be a dragged saga, but I think the youngster is going to end up rejecting us to move to the German side.

Denis Zakaria – 6.5/10

Denis Zakaria will perfectly fit in at United, who need a bullish midfielder like him to shield their defence & allow the others to express themselves without having to worry about tracking back. The Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder is a tenacious one, possessing enough defensive quality to bully others.

He is also creative when needed be as well as versatile in adding an extra attacking edge when oppositions least expect it. He’s only scored & assisted 4 goals in Bundesliga, but his defensive sturdiness has greatly aided their backline.

The 23-year-old. could be the perfect upgrade over an ageing Nemanja Matic and fits the age-group Solskjaer is promoting. He’ll really benefit the backline, allowing the likes of Bruno Fernandes or even Fred to venture forward. United are reportedly ‘leading the race’ for him & I think United will push hard to sign the youngster, but could back out if the demands are too high.

Antoine Griezmann – 4/10

Funnily enough, these rumours are sparked mostly because Barcelona are in a reported financial mess and might have to sell stars like Griezmann to fund their own summer business. However, I think the boat has sailed when it comes to United’s interest in him.

Griezmann has himself stated that he wishes to have a long-term future at Barca. Even though things aren’t working that well this season, it’s unlikely he actually gets booted out. He’s anyways past his best, so there’s no logic United breaking their philosophy to sign young players & instead opt for a struggling ‘marquee’ signing again.

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