Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 4 Breakdown

Written By Tyler Everett on August 18, 2021

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this if you haven’t watched Season 2, Episode 4 of Ted Lasso. The goal here is not to give a blow-by-blow recap, but light spoilers are inevitable.

Ted Lasso is back! Apple TV+ is releasing one episode of the new season per week. Episode 5 will be available on Friday, August 20. And yes, we’ll be breaking down each episode individually here on High Press Soccer.

Below are links to the previous installments in this series:


Here’s what happened on the best Christmas episode of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

Surprise! Christmas comes early

After last week, we were eager to find out what would happen next with the Dubai Air boycott. That part of the story remains completely unsettled, as this episode instead went in an entirely different direction. The result was a great, heartfelt half-hour – I’ve never felt so overwhelmed with Christmas spirit in August* — and I have a feeling I wasn’t alone in that regard.

*I do realize that’s not saying a whole lot.


By the end of this episode, I couldn’t have cared less about the fact that we skipped from game nine last week to about the midway point of the season 12 games later. After skipping the much-hyped game last week and jumping so far ahead in the calendar this week, it’s now more clear than ever that this show is not really about soccer. But for anyone curious about the team’s form on the pitch, they’re 4-14-4.

There are plenty of episodes remaining this season – eight after this one, to be exact – to worry about the ramifications of the bold stand Sam and his teammates took against Richmond sponsor Dubai Air in Season 2, Episode 3. For now, let’s follow the lead of this show’s brilliant writers and focus on the spirit of Christmas. While acknowledging – with a subtle touch — that Christmas is not a huge deal to everyone,* Ted Lasso shows us how the day can mean so much, in a variety of ways, to so many people.

For the Higgins family, it’s about spending time together and including any player away from their family. For Ted and Rebecca, it’s about cheering up others with some genuine community service even if their recent divorce makes it tempting to stay home and enter a drunken, self-pitying stupor.

*To Nigeria native Sam, for example, it’s most closely associated with colonization (!). Fortunately, that doesn’t prevent him from enjoying his day with the Higgins family.


By the end of this episode, it is A) harder than ever not to love every single character on this show (not that they were disagreeable before this one) and B) impossible to think Rebecca could have ever been any sort of villain.

Significantly, she’s not only a compassionate, thoughtful member of her community (yes, I realize how cheesy and out-of-control earnest I’ve sounded throughout this piece). She also appears — I could be mistaken, but I doubt it — likely to end up dating Ted sooner than later. Maybe I should have more faith in her respect for the professional boundary between them. But they give off the vibe of two people who like each other as way more than friends, don’t they??


Throughout this episode, several points of uncertainty lingered right up until the impressively satisfying ending. By the time Ted, Rebecca and the whole team were singing and dancing the night away in front of the Higgins family home, several burning questions had been answered.

We not only were granted a sigh of relief when Roy and Keeley found the medicine Phoebe needed for her rank breath, but also a perfectly Christmas-appropriate act of forgiveness from Phoebe to her young tormentor.

One other question I had: would Ted and Rebecca end up celebrating the day with the Higgins family? Fortunately, the answer to that was a resounding yes. The episode’s final scene, the impromptu Christmas sing-along in the street, had me wanting to fast-forward from August until December.

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