The FA Delivers a Giant FU to Liverpool by Not Broadcasting Shrewsbury Replay

Posted By High Press 10 on February 4, 2020

In a move that can only be viewed as a giant “FU” to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, the FA has decided not to produce the club’s Tuesday replay vs Shrewsbury Town. You will not be able to watch the match on any platform, anywhere.

The 4th round replay of Oxford United vs Newcastle will be broadcast instead.

Why is the FA not showing Liverpool-Shrewsbury?

This one is not hard to figure out. The 4th round replay is scheduled during the Premier League winter break. Coming out of an insanely packed festive period, Jurgen Klopp correctly decided it was more important to properly rest his first team to prevent further wear and injury.

The FA, wholly unconcerned about its player’s welfare, scheduled the replay during the break. When Liverpool and Klopp held their ground and decided to send the U23’s for the replay, the FA had an immature hissy fit.

Once again, like with the NFL in America, governing sporting organizations continue to show that they do not have the athletes — or fans — best interest in mind.

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