US Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro on USWNT Equal Pay: “We Can Get This Done”

Written By High Press 10 on July 10, 2019

The party kept rolling for the USWNT today during a victory parade in New York City.

The team was clearly in high spirits and enjoying the moment. A reported 1 million people showed up to support the team.

Once the team arrived at City Hall, chants of “equal pay” rang out.

There, at the steps of City Hall, USSF President Carlos Cordeiro addressed the elephant in the room:

“We believe all female athletes deserve fair and equitable pay. [We believe] together we can get this done.”

USSF President Carlos Cordeiro

With Cordeiro throwing it out there, he’s put himself in a spot with little wiggle room.

Rapinoe addresses the issue

US star Megan Rapinoe, possibly a little bit inebriated, closed the rally.

After giving shout outs to everyone involved in the USWNT program, she addressed Cordeiro’s comments:

“I think he’ll make things right…He’s with us…We look forward to holding those feet to the fire.”

– Megan Rapinoe on Cordeiro’s equal pay comments

Let’s see how this plays out.

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