Wait, Is Manchester City Going to Win Four Trophies this Year?

Posted By High Press 10 on February 21, 2019

Manchester City…where to start?

Before 2008, Manchester City were basically Newcastle United, just as likely for a mid-table finish in the Premier League as they were to fight against relegation or for promotion. Seldom putrid, seldom spectacular.

Then Sheikh Mansour buys them in 2008 and turns them into a global juggernaut. They suddenly have non-Oasis fans. It’s like if you picked the most average guy you knew in high school, and at your 10 year reunion you find out he won the lottery, started dating supermodels while popping bottles daily. Basically, he turned into Dan Bilzerian. That’s Manchester City. And here we are, just over 10 campaigns into this facelifted franchise’s reign, and they are favorites to win not one, not two, not three, but four trophies in 2019.

Let’s run them down.

2019 Carabao Cup Final

The crown jewel of European soccer Thai-based Carabao Dang Energy Drink’s sponsorship portfolio, the 2019 Carabao Cup final, takes place on Sunday, February 24th, 2019 at 11:30am ET. City will face a reeling Chelsea.

The match is on a neutral field at Wembley Stadium, so even though Chelsea is the “home” team, there is no home-pitch advantage. Even if there was, it wouldn’t matter. Chelsea is basically the 2019 version of 2018 Manchester United. They’ve quit on their manager, Maurizio Sarri. As such, Chelsea are a big underdog at +475. Manchester City are favored to win the trophy at -182 on BetStars NJ. The only reason City aren’t favored more heavily in this one is “I have literally no idea.”

2019 FA Cup

The 2019 FA Cup quarterfinals are set. With 8 teams remaining, City finds themselves as the odds-on favorite to win, priced at -140 at FanDuel NJ. Manchester United follows at +360.

Just like how City drew the weakest remaining team in the Champions League field with Schalke 04, the Sky Blues have drawn a veritable “who’s…who?” of tier 2 and 3 FA Cup opponents like Rotherham and Newport County.

Oddly, this is the one I think City is most likely to drop. Teams like United, Wolverhampton, and Crystal Palace could view ’18-19 as a successful campaign with some FA Cup hardware. Regardless, the oddsmakers don’t agree.

2019 Champions League

For a moment, there was a glimmer of hope that Schalke 04 was, at a minimum, about to make it really interesting against City in the Champions League Round of 16. But City scored two goals in the final five minutes of regulation and won a hard-fought match on the road (down a man, no less).

Avoiding a potential stumble, City find themselves as at +240 at BetStars NJ and +260 at FanDuel NJ. The next closest team is Barcelona at +500 / +550.

It makes sense. Manchester City has mostly rolled through the competition and are rated the top club in Europe on FiveThirtyEight. Barcelona is being challenged by Lyon. Liverpool or Bayern Munich will bow out this round. Juventus are all but eliminated. City keep drawing rec teams in the FA Cup so they can rest their regulars. This one sets up well for them.

Premier League

Ah, the domestic league title chase.

Despite being tied with Liverpool (although ahead on goal differential), and Liverpool having a game in hand, City are listed as odds-on favorites to win the Premier League at -165. Liverpool follow at +110.

Reds fans are surely frustrated their club didn’t put this race away after City dropped points to Palace, Leicester City, and Newcastle. Since the Newcastle loss, City have gone full-on Keyser Söze, winning their next 5 games across all competition by an 18-4 margin. At least they didn’t burn the Etihad down while doing it.


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