What Is the Europa Conference League and Should You Care

Posted By High Press 10 on July 13, 2021

The UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL) is here!






Ok then.

The first early qualifying round fixtures for the UECL have taken place. So this thing is really happening. What is it? Should you care? Let’s dive in.

What is the UEFA Europa Conference League?

The UEFA Europa Conference League is a new third tier European club competition. The competition is for the “best” teams who didn’t qualify for the Champions League or Europa League.

The winner of the UECL is awarded a spot in the following year’s Europa League competition.

Teams can qualify for the main UECL competition via two paths: the Champions Path and the League Path.

There are 184 teams involved in the competition over the course of a season. That field is whittled down to 32 teams for the group stage. No teams actually qualify directly into the group stage. All most go through at least one qualifying round.

The 32 group stage teams are broken down as such:

  • 17 teams from the UEFA Europa Conference League main path
  • 5 teams from the UEFA Europa Conference League champions path
  • 10 teams eliminated in the UEFA Europa League playoffs

How UEFA Europa Conference League competition works

From those 32 qualifying clubs, there will be eight groups of four teams. That is followed by knockout round playoff. From there, the competition continues in a traditional round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final format.

In the group stage, the eight group winners advance to the round of 16. The second place teams from each group then play  the eight third place teams from the Europa League group stage. Those winners fill out the remaining round of 16 teams.

In total, 141 matches take place over 15 match weeks.

What notable teams are in the UEFA Europa Conference League?

The vast majority of teams competition in the competition–especially in the early qualifying rounds–are unfamiliar to most casual (and hardcore) soccer fans.

However, the following teams are in the final qualifying round and would likely advance to the group stage: Tottenham, Union Berlin, AS Roma, and Stade Rennes.

UEFA Europa Conference League odds

It’s still a little early for futures on the UECL. High Press Soccer will post futures when they are made available.

Should I care about the UEFA Europa Conference League?

Sure. Why not.


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