When Will La Liga Return? Here Are the Scenarios

Posted By High Press 10 on April 17, 2020

Of the major European leagues, La Liga is the domestic competition most likely to NOT return this year.

The last matches in Spain were played on March 10th. Spain has been among the most impacted countries in Europe by COVID-19. However, multiple scenarios have been proposed to complete the season. Here’s a look at where Spanish soccer stands.

When will La Liga return?

There are essentially four options being discussed for La Liga’s return:

  1. May 28th Return: Closed door matches through the end of June. Matches would be spaced out every 3 days.  Champions League and Europa League matches would begin in July. HPS probability this happens? 20%
  2. June 6th Return: This would have a mix of domestic and European cups played through the end of July behind closed doors. HPS probability this happens? 10%
  3. June 28th Return: This one falls in line with most of the chatter that European cups are played in August. In this scenario, all matches play through the end of July. Champions and Europa leagues are played in August. The 2020-21 season then begins in September. HPS probability this happens? 40%
  4. Season Cancelled: League officials have discussed cancelling the remainder of the season. In that scenario, the current table would stand as final results: Barcelona (1st), Real Madrid (2nd), Sevilla (3rd), and Real Sociedad (4th) qualify for the UCL. Getafe (5th) and Atletico Madrid (6th) earn Europa League births. HPS probability this happens? 30%

So seriously…when will La Liga return?

Expect either the late June start or for the season to be stopped. Financially, La Liga stands to lose a lot of money if they can’t complete the season ($1.8B to be exact).

Additionally, top La Liga clubs like Barcelona are already in a financially difficult position. Their ability to buy players will be crippled if the season does not restart.

Given how hard COVID-19 hit Spain, expect the league to restart, but not until the latest possible date in June.

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