Why Did Son Heung-Min and Hugo Lloris Clash at HT? (VIDEO)

Posted By High Press 10 on July 6, 2020

Hugo Lloris confronted Son Heung-Min right after the half-time whistle in today’s Spurs vs Everton match.

The heated exchange appears to be due to Son not tracking back on an Everton counter. That led Lloris to extend on a shot on goal. Lloris wasn’t happy with Son’s effort and let him know.

Video of Son and Lloris confrontation

Spurs win regardless of dust-up

Tottenham still secured a 1-0 victory. Son had a strong second half. He totaled 4 shots on goal.

After the game, Son and Lloris embraced and appeared to be on good terms again. In a post-game press conference, Lloris described the incident as “just something that happens sometimes.”

Are we sure Son is such a nice guy?

Outside of Harry Kane, Son is Spurs most well-known and arguably best player. He’s a world-class talent capable of truly magical moments.

However, he’s had a series of controversial issues this past year:

Son’s reputation as a sportsman though is trending in the wrong way.

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