Why the Etihad Should Be the Site for All Neutral Premier League Games

Written By Chops on May 5, 2020

The Premier League is planning for a June return.

Part of the Premier League’s “Project Restart” plan is to have games played without fans in neutral stadiums. The crux of this thinking is it will potentially limit supporters gathering outside the grounds to commiserate and celebrate.

Of the potential proposed venues, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium stood out among the choices.

Here’s why the Etihad should be the home for all neutral matches.

Why all Premier League neutral site matches should be at the Etihad

  1. It’s basically a neutral venue already. There’s no atmosphere at the Etihad since Manchester City is a plastic club that very few people actually care about.
  2. It’s used to having nobody in the stands. Man City games are rarely sold out. That’s because they’re a plastic club with very few actual fans.
  3. There’s no historical significance to the stadium. Along with nobody actually really caring about Manchester City as a club, the stadium isn’t exactly Anfield or Old Trafford.
  4. They need the money. City likely won’t be in the Champions League for two years. They need to make up the loss of income by any means necessary that doesn’t involve their owner further suppressing human rights.

When Premier League play was halted, City trailed Liverpool by 25 points.

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