If You Haven’t Watched Ted Lasso Yet, Here’s Why You Should

Posted By Tyler Everett on July 21, 2021 - Last Updated on July 28, 2021

We can all agree that Euro 2020 was great.

But if you believe soccer Twitter, the highlight of the summer might not have happened yet. We’re referring to Ted Lasson Season 2 of course.

When is Ted Lasso Season 2 released?

Ted Lasso season 2 will be released on Friday, July 23rd on AppleTV+.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Trailer

If you’re unfamiliar with Ted Lasso, here’s a look at the Season 2 trailer followed by reasons you should watch the show.

We’ve been hyping this show on High Press Soccer since the first season came out last August, but the buzz about season two is at a crescendo right now. In case the 20 (!!) Emmy nominations for season 1 — and the universally rave critical reviews for season 2 — haven’t convinced you to get on board yet, below are four reasons to check out the first season in time to catch the follow-up along with the rest of us.

And before we go any further, here’s a link to one of the most thought-provoking pieces of my High Press Soccer career: The Biggest Burning Question Of 2020: If Ted Lasso Characters Were UCL Teams, Who Would They Be?.*

*The link above contains minor spoilers.

Reasons why you should watch Ted Lasso season 2

Reason 1: Feel-good (but not overly cheesy) TV

The two biggest things this show has going for it is that it is A) funny and B) the opposite of cynical. But that’s not because no one involved in this story is battling any demons. The titular star of the show, American coach Ted Lasso himself, is in the midst of a tough breakup with his wife, we learn midway through the season. I might be a jerk for saying this, but Lasso’s irrepressible optimism would be more annoying than inspiring if his life lacked any semblance of difficulty.

He’s just one of several characters with an attitude we could all do well to emulate. It’s hard to overstate how easy it is to watch — and pull for — a guy going so far out of his way to have a positive impact on everyone in his life.

As for the “but not overly cheesy” qualifier, see the new Space Jam film to see the latest example of how hard it is to convey values

Reason 2: Unbelievable writing

Lasso’s jokes and witticisms, which he employs liberally, play a huge role in this series, and the writing that produced all those is impressive. I, however, found the way the characters developed as season one unfolded even more compelling. Every major character is more complicated than they appear, and the revelations about how and why these characters became who they are sets this show apart from anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Because of how well each protagonist is fleshed out, as a viewer, you’re not just eager to see the next hijinks from Lasso, you’re genuinely interested in what’s ahead for each character.

Reason 3: A relatable approach to soccer

The best “sports shows” really aren’t about the sport they feature. Like “Friday Night Lights,” this show is worth a watch whether you like and understand soccer or not. But for American audiences new to the “other football,” it helps to have a leading man as relatable in this regard as Lasso.

His grasp of soccer X’s and O’s is more Gordon Bombay than Pep Guardiola, but to me, that only works in this show’s favor. The other benefit of Lasso’s loose grasp of how the game is played is that it gives viewers who do consider themselves diehards a lot to feel superior/smart about, for anyone who enjoys that kind of thing.

Reason 4: There has to be good reason for all the praise, right??

I could (try to) provide a link to every glowing review and feature written about seasons 1 and 2. Instead, I challenge you to Google “Ted Lasso” and try to find someone with a bad thing to say about it. My point here? At a time when just about everything divides us as fans and consumers, don’t you want to see what makes this show so highly regarded?

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