Will A Cancelled Premier League Season Earn Liverpool’s Title an *?

Posted By High Press 10 on March 13, 2020


Seriously gtfo.

If the coronavirus cancels the Premier League season, Liverpool will not go down in history as title winners with an *.

If they do, let’s be sure to add one next to all Manchester City titles due to their breaking of financial fair play regulations.

Here’s why Liverpool don’t deserve, or won’t get, the dreaded asterisk.

Liverpool are 2019-20 Premier League winners

Facts are facts:

  • The season, as completed, would have Liverpool atop the table.
  • When will Liverpool win the Premier League? In three games. They’re three wins away from doing so. It’s a recognized inevitability.
  • Liverpool are an absurd 25 points up on Manchester City with 9 games to play.
  • Their current point total of 82 would’ve won the Premier League in seven different seasons. In fact, it’s already ahead of Leicester’s title winning 2015-16 season (81).
  • They’ve won the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup this season as well. This is no fluke run.
  • They’ve lost one freaking domestic game all year.
  • Man City are evil.
  • Diego Simeone is going bald.

So there you go.


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