Women’s World Cup Daily Fantasy Picks – June 12th – France vs Norway Could Produce Some Offense

Posted By High Press 10 on June 12, 2019

So, it appears as if the USWNT has course corrected after shellacking Thailand by a record 13-0 score.

Hope you had Alex Morgan in your DraftKings line-up.

Of the picks we recommended yesterday, values like Rose Lavelle, Julie Ertz and Hedvig Lindahl came through. But basically if you didn’t load your roster with USWNT players, you missed out.

Wednesday’s Games

The three games to choose from on Wednesday are:

  • 9am ET: Nigeria vs South Korea
  • 12pm ET: Germany vs Spain
  • 3pm ET: France vs Norway

Our WWC DFS Picks

Ok, focusing some specific picks in this as opposed to a full line-up for Wednesday. Consider the following when filling out your DraftKings roster. $50,000 starting line-up.

  • FW: Eugénie Le Sommer, France ($10,700). We’ll call this the “Alex Morgan Principle” – just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Eugénie gets goals. Norway can be inconsistent but doesn’t exactly give up a ton. If somebody is going to find the net for France though, it’s Eugénie.
  • FW: Jennifer Hermosa, Spain ($8,400). First, she takes the pks, which is always a plus. Second, she scores against elite competition. Germany, btw, is very elite. She’s an overall better value than Le Sommer and might be good to pair with a cheaper attacking option like Norway’s Graham Hansen ($6,600).
  • Mid: Amandine Henry, France ($7,500). Of the midfielders on Wednesday, she’s the best value for production.
  • Defense: Wendie Renard, France ($5,300). She’s only the 4th most expensive defender. At an Avatar-looking 6’2, she’s a threat for a set piece header basically on every single set piece.
  • GK: Almuth Schult, Germany ($5,500). She’s a boss. 5’11, around 160lbs, and solid. For the price, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Utility: Inam Imo, Nigeria ($3,800). You could do worse than a $3,800 salary for someone who has scored in two of her last five caps.
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